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PHOTOS: Trevor Wayne Is A Marked Man. And That’s A Good Thing



If the human body is a canvas, then model/actor/artist Trevor Wayne is the Museum of Modern Art. He’s covered in tattoos, from the skull-and-crossbones on his kneecaps to the “Garbage Pail Kids” logo across his chest. (We’re sorta partial to the Mr. Yuk just above his, um, medicine cabinet.)

Even if you’re not partial to guys with tats, there’s something about Wayne that’s undeniably appealing. And we’re not the only ones who think so: He’s appeared everywhere from TV’s ER and Mad TV to fashion spreads and Times Square billboards.

Above is a collection of sexy shots of the L.A.-based exhibitionist. If you like what you see, consider purchasing his Pin-Up Show postcard set/art zine, a series of X-rated boylesque images of the inked stud, taken by top photogs like Greg Gorman, Eric Schwabel and Michael Stokes.  Trust, the shit is hot!

And, hey, there’s a big heart under all that ink—Wayne is participating in AIDS Walk LA in October. You can find out how to sponsor him here.

Images via Marc Cartwright, Clive Barker, Wagner LA, Ed Olen, Thai Thai, Van Darkholme, Michael Stokes, Kaeden Stone, Jeff King



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  • Brant

    When he is at his best he is unremarkable. Why do you taunt Queerty trolls like this? He’s hot enough, sure, but a whole feature? Good gravy.

  • Hellz Yeah!

    Niiiiiiiiiiiiiceeeeeeeeeeee!!! :-D

  • Mumbai Escorts

    he is at his best he is unremarkable.

  • ~PR~

    He’s hot!!!!

  • TJ

    Not sexy to me at all. Looks unclean…. like his ass might be dirty and he needs a good bath and cleansing.

  • NiceTry

    Looks pretty effin hot to me

  • Prudy McPrude

    I’m not necessarily talking about this guy but don’t you think there’s a point where extensive tattoos become indicative of mental illness? This guy’s tattoos are mostly well done and part of an overall design, but the “Garbage Pail Kids” one and the “Mr Yuck” right above his Speedos lean that way. (Is Mr Yuck a symbol for HIV/AIDS the way biohazard tattoos are?)
    But when people tattoo their face or head or they have random tattoos all over their body I start to doubt their stability.

    Not that anyone needs my approval, but I’m just sayin’.

  • Jimmy Fury

    Trevor Wayne is amazing.

    but then I’m entirely biased toward geeky inked up nice guys…

  • Michael

    He’s hot and such a cutie too boot. :)

  • Vinny


  • JKB

    I vote hot and he’s not really my type. (For those of you who do not think he is attractive, I think there are enough of us here who do. Therefore, you can STFU. Thanks!)

  • Vinny

    I’ve learned long ago, that the skanky, nasty, look-like-I-just-got-fisted, positive-for-more-than-one-STI look is the new HOT. You can have it.

  • Marie Cohn

    Slightly hotter than Rod Steiger in “The Illustrated Man.” Which isn’t saying very much . . .

  • Rich

    Really y’all? Attraction, like art, is completely subjective. Maybe some of you should hold off on attacking this guy personally.

    I applaud QUEERTY for not shoving another stereotypical, shaved, oiled-up clone at us.

  • pierre

    I have no more interest in a man with tattoos than I do in one with a vagina.

  • Tony

    I get so tired of these queens coming on here trying to read everyone for making derogatory comments about the posted individual. Okay.. this is a blog, and if you haven’t noticed, this is what people do on blogs. Like it or not, they bitch, complain, and make catty comments. If you don’t like that, I suggest you don’t read any blogs.

    And this dude (who I find icky, btw) posed for these pics for people to see. So surely you nor he can’t be shocked when he gets some mean comments. If you throw your pics out on the net, I would suggest you grow some thick skin.

  • Little Kiwi

    he’s so sexy that when i looked at those pics the jockstrap i’m wearing melted.

  • Bryan

    I can’t make up my mind on him. He’s like Whoa in some pics and he’s like meh in others.

  • Bryan

    I can’t make up my mind on him, he’s like Whoa in some pics and blah in others

  • Kaderade

    i’m perfectly smitten.

  • Rob

    Trevor’s hot, sweet, and good in bed. He wins!

  • JKB

    @Vinny: Whatever you “learned”, you still need to STFU…no one here wants to use your dick. Mkay?

  • jason

    Trevor Wayne looks hideous. He’s like a walking graffiti board. Couldn’t he find a wall to do all his doodles on?

  • Jace

    Blows my mind how you queens get all defensive about some naked guy you don’t even know. It screams of pathetic desperation. I wonder if he would return the favor if he saw photos of you.

  • Red Meat

    After Gaga’s rico the zombie guy, I don’t think any heavily tattooed guy can ever shock me more.

  • JKB

    @Jace: It blows my mind of the hypocrisy of guys like you who take offense to homophobia, but have no qualms in attacking the preferences within the gay community.

  • Tony

    That makes absolutely no sense. Tattoo man has you so flustered you can’t think straight.
    It’s sad that some fags have become such pussies you can’t even disagree with them about a guy being hot without that being somehow equated with homophobia. I suggest you grow some balls, or at least grab on to tattoo’s, then maybe you’ll man up through osmosis.

  • darkskin bttms R survivors

    Honey I would rock Trevor Wayne’s world into pieces.

  • alreadyasleep


    Guess I only wasted part of my Sunday morning.

  • mike

    damn, love that hot, nasty, skanky, I’ve-been-tied-up-and-fisted-all-night look he’s got going on … check his site, he’s got a nice dick, too.

  • Michael


    Ugh after checking his site out I want this dude bad.

  • Eric in Chicago

    He’s very hot – love his ink and his attitude. Rock on Trevor!

  • Don

    These are terrific tattoo artists. I’ve often wondered if any of the guys have their penis tattooed. If you can tell me where I can find this, please let me know. Thank You

  • fredo777

    Trevor is hot. Period. All the bitching back + forth is stupid, whether it’s on a blog or not. You either like him or you don’t. I do. You don’t? Ok. Nobody gives a shit.

  • Edd

    Trevor, ignore the h8ers. You’re beautiful.

  • Nicholas

    The guys a super nice fella… I know. regardless of the ink or sex factor, he’d be a good friend to have.

  • Jaime

    Trevor Wayne is popular for popularitys sake and that’s all. Have you seen his facebook page? Buy buy buy buy, oh yeah, now buy this so I can fly to Hawaii. He’s marginally attractive and that’s it. I hope his flames fizzles. He’s a talented artist and he needs to pursue that as much as he sells his body for money.

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