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PHOTOS: Trevor Wayne Is A Marked Man. And That’s A Good Thing



If the human body is a canvas, then model/actor/artist Trevor Wayne is the Museum of Modern Art. He’s covered in tattoos, from the skull-and-crossbones on his kneecaps to the “Garbage Pail Kids” logo across his chest. (We’re sorta partial to the Mr. Yuk just above his, um, medicine cabinet.)

Even if you’re not partial to guys with tats, there’s something about Wayne that’s undeniably appealing. And we’re not the only ones who think so: He’s appeared everywhere from TV’s ER and Mad TV to fashion spreads and Times Square billboards.

Above is a collection of sexy shots of the L.A.-based exhibitionist. If you like what you see, consider purchasing his Pin-Up Show postcard set/art zine, a series of X-rated boylesque images of the inked stud, taken by top photogs like Greg Gorman, Eric Schwabel and Michael Stokes.  Trust, the shit is hot!

And, hey, there’s a big heart under all that ink—Wayne is participating in AIDS Walk LA in October. You can find out how to sponsor him here.

Images via Marc Cartwright, Clive Barker, Wagner LA, Ed Olen, Thai Thai, Van Darkholme, Michael Stokes, Kaeden Stone, Jeff King