PHOTOS: What’s Inside Kenny’s Pants?


Occupation: TV Producer

Age: 25

Residence: Astoria, Queens, Manhattan

Spotted: Horatio and Greenwich Streets

Self-Proclaimed Style: Fitted, tight pants and an animal T-shirt

Underwear Worn: Red-and-black H&M Boxer Briefs

Why He’s Wearing This Pair: Because I’m toward the end of my underwear but I was still trying to match.

What His Underwear Say About Him: That it’s very simple, very solid as opposed to a print. It says: Simplicity.

His Favorite Pair: sea blue H&M with black stars.

Does He Match His Underwear to His Outfit: I try to match it, yeah.

Life Motto: Live every week like it’s Shark Week.

Find out what kind of underwear Kenny’s is wearing below

Source: The Underwear Expert