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PHOTOS: Who Is Zachary Quinto’s Beach Bud?


OH SNAP — Who was Star Trek (and possible blind item) star Zachary Quinto hitting the Malibu beach with over the weekend? Reader Peter thinks he knows his models and suggested to us the gent (labeled by the paparazzi only as a “friend”) is Levi Poulter, who we’ve seen before. Poulter, meanwhile, doesn’t just model: He hosts his own naked-friendly website, has done some solo porn work in the past, and, according to reader Jonathan, an “erotic and touching” what-looks-to-be-bareback twosome vid under the name “Brodie.” Oh, Hollywood gays.

UPDATE: Investigative commenters declare: It’s Katy Perry’s stylist Johnny Wujek, seen here:


LEFT: Maybe Levi? RIGHT: Definitely Levi


(Photos: Splash News, DNA, Getty)

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  • Cam

    Damn if he’s taking tentative steps out, this means I’ve got to watch Heros next season. I am so sick of that damn cheerleader.

  • galefan2004

    @Cam: I personally never got into Heroes. I’m not going to start watching it just because someone on it is possibly gay in real life regardless of how hot he is. I wonder if he bottoms for this dude and if so if he keeps asking if its tight enough.

  • Not Levi

    Left is not Levi…come on people….get some glasses.

  • Rando

    It’s not the same guy. The Levi guy has a much more defined face, very sharp. The guy Quito is with has a much more rounded face.

  • Bad Boy

    Good for him if he’s gay. We need more people in Hollywood

  • naprem

    Definitely not Levi. Looks more like porn star Rick van Sant if anything.

  • Erick

    That is not Levi. And I think the guy on the beach was another guy different from this one, but it was the same day. The guy is just playing the field.

  • Brandon

    It’s Johnny Wujek… Katy Perry’s stylist.

  • James Davis

    Not Levi. Met him on a cruise a few years ago, and even without airbrushing he doesn’t look like the guy in the pic on the left.

  • Bitch, Please!

    @GALEFAN2004: What an odd thing to “wonder” about? Funny, but odd. LOL.

  • galefan2004

    @Bitch, Please!: Well, I assume if he keeps asking if his dick is big enough when fucking he would wonder about similar things when being fucked.

  • David

    Levi should be insulted that ANYBODY thought that guy even looks REMOTELY like him.

    Puh-LEASE, lady.

  • Cam

    @galefan2004: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to love insecure actors. LOL!!!

  • Luk'es

    Tha porn video with Levi is so damn hot.

  • Rob

    Don’t know if he’s gay, but he’s certainly got more than a touch of the gayface.

  • Rob

    BTW, I love how Quinto absolutely refuses to beard.

  • Jason Chan

    So this whole article was written on the possibility it might be some bareback porn star but its not and soooo…..?

    Is Queerty the new Enquirer?
    Slow news day bitches?

  • ben

    i dunno but they’re both hot!

  • persnikety

    they all look different from one another

  • Casper O

    If it is Wujek it doesn’t change anything, I have never met a non-gay stylist that would make anyone wear that much Jeremy Scott.

  • F123

    Not Levi, ugly clothes on both…

  • demiurgical

    that is definitely not Levi with him in the picture and that’s not Levi either on the left, are you ppl blind to even suggest that he might be? no way near how Levi looks.

  • Ha

    Why do you care who that man is?

  • Ha

    That la supersoi! No good!

  • bb

    the scary thing is, that if he is with that guy (and i see no reason he should be with that guy anymore than he’s with that dog in pic 7 or whatever), the guy is the prettier boy in the couple. i have so much trouble believing that, given how incredibly incredibly cute i think quinto is

  • Gerry

    Come on! I would love ZQ to be gay but, seriously, he could not be more straight! That guy must be his brother Joe Quinto or something, but he is not Levi Poulter, who happens to be blond, not brunette.

  • Ted C.

    @Gerry: Gerry, you have got to be kidding.

    I watched an interview with him on the bonus features of the So Notorious DVD. He described how he and Tori Spelling became fast friends (confirmed in Tori’s autobiography), and how they hang out on her bed chatting, and how their relationship in real life is a lot like their relationship on the show (where he plays her gay best friend, I’ll note).

    He couldn’t have seemed gayer.

  • Nate

    Stupid fucking Hollywood and certain fandoms. It is like no matter what they always want to turn some straight guy into and put him on some gay tabloid or gossip about it online! FAGOTTS SUCK. This world will NEVER get ride of homophobes!! Gay, lesbians, bi’s, and ugly butt ugly butt fucking trannies your all whiny pieces of trash always wanting to be accepted. There’s already enough problems in the world as is yet we have gays and shit making a scenes and spectacles of themselves and low life activists who think they can stop the hate. Never forget there is a reason why girls have pusssies and guys have dicks and when their fluids swap females make the baby! Whilst gays, fuck through their ass and most lesbians are either coochy hungry pornstar look alikes or manly women who crave other women. This world is FUCKED UP. Cheers

  • BOB

    Does anyone have up-to-date information on Levi Poulter. As of January all his sites have been shut-down and I have not been able to locate any recent work that he has done.

  • mz.sam

    Zack’s friend on the beach and with cap and shades is definitely NOT Levi. Having met and spoken with Levi in the past, he has a much leaner and chiseled facial structure and the body is totally ripped.

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