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PHOTOS: Who Is Zachary Quinto’s Beach Bud?


OH SNAP — Who was Star Trek (and possible blind item) star Zachary Quinto hitting the Malibu beach with over the weekend? Reader Peter thinks he knows his models and suggested to us the gent (labeled by the paparazzi only as a “friend”) is Levi Poulter, who we’ve seen before. Poulter, meanwhile, doesn’t just model: He hosts his own naked-friendly website, has done some solo porn work in the past, and, according to reader Jonathan, an “erotic and touching” what-looks-to-be-bareback twosome vid under the name “Brodie.” Oh, Hollywood gays.

UPDATE: Investigative commenters declare: It’s Katy Perry’s stylist Johnny Wujek, seen here:


LEFT: Maybe Levi? RIGHT: Definitely Levi


(Photos: Splash News, DNA, Getty)