PHOTOS: Why Were These Half-Naked Spartans Forcibly Subdued By Police?

150723005410-beijing-spartans-exlarge-169This. Is. Sparta China!

And in Beijing, unlike ancient Greece or the bedroom walls of sexually confused frat boys, a giant crowd of scantily clad beefcakes is going to cause something of a commotion.

That’s what salad delivery company (just salads?!) Sweetie’s Salads was hoping for, anyway. They hired a big group of Western (read: white) models to descend upon a busy downtown area to promote the company’s one-year anniversary.

And things were going great. Photos were being snapped by the hundreds as the crowd of spectators grew larger.

So large, in fact, that Beijing police took notice and decided to shut the whole thing down. Imagine seeing a bunch of salad-slinging half-naked Spartans being forcibly subdued — it’s like a real-life SNL skit.

Actually you don’t need to imagine it, because some good samaritans documented the marketing fail (or success, however you want to look at it): 



The group was cited for disturbing the public order and blocking traffic, the latter offense being the only one that seems to be of any use to the public good.

But the company, which was planning to repeat the stunt for two more days, respectfully bowed out, issuing this statement:

“We have learned how inexperienced we are as a start-up company when it comes to organizing offline activities.

We’ll strictly comply with the police orders, keeping our brand perception while maintaining public order and good social influence.”

We don’t blame them for wanting to stay on the good side of the Beijing Police, but it was fun while it lasted.