Gay Comments Aren't The Party's...

Pol Defends Repulsed Peer

The Democratic Unionists are none too pleased with junior Minister Ian Paisley‘s recent comments on the gays. Paisley made headlines yesterday after remarking, “I am pretty repulsed by gay and lesbianism.”

Today, his colleague Martin McGuinness defended his comments, insisting they were his own and not the parties. He went on to say:

I don’t know what he’s going to do but I certainly think that we have a problem insofar as a junior minister in that department has expressed views which are a total contradiction of everything that the Office of the First and Deputy First Minister is charged to do in terms of protecting the rights of all sorts of people within our society, including minorities.

Um, right. It seems to us that the First Minister – Paisley’s father – most likely inculcated such ideology in his son, but nice try.

McGuinness slams DUP gay remarks
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