"We will defend ourselves because it’s unthinkable that homosexuals would adopt children."

Poland Rejects EU’s Gay Adoption Ruling

The Polish government continues its anti-gay ways. Officials announced that they will disregard yesterday’s historic European Court of Human Rights ruling and will continue denying gay people the right to adopt.

Via UK Gay News:

If a similar judgment dealt with Poland we would still not agree to adoption by homosexuals”, said deputy speaker of the Polish Parliament, Stefan Niesiolowski, a member of the ruling Citizen’s Platform (PO).

“The Court can go on and make a ruling,” he continued. “[But] it still won’t be enforced in Poland. We will defend ourselves because it’s unthinkable that homosexuals would adopt children.”

It’s unthinkable that Poland considers it’s above EU mandates! Aren’t there laws against that? If not, there should be!

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  • Mark Walsh

    The religious composition of EurAsia is almost the opposite of that in America: the Catholics are mad and bigoted there as they were in the Inquisition, whereas the Protestants are pretty tolerant. They sent all of the nut cases to America, where we see them today acting like violent crack heads. The Catholics, have been relatively mild around Thomistic philosophy until the last Pope came along with his gasbag rulings. I don’t know who made the guoted statement, but I suspect that it would be pretty stupid of them now to
    resist the E.U. The Turks even presumably gave up their idiotic slaying of kurds to join the EU.

  • John k.

    Fucking throw Poland out of the EU! Who do they think they are?

  • gay as life

    I don’t understand why the EU is not holding Poland responsible for its actions.

  • qjersey

    Remember this is the nation in which the population gladly turned in Jews to the Nazi’s.

    Obviously 70 years later, the Polish government and its citizens still believe that certains types of people are not worthy of human rights.

  • emb

    Really–why is Poland still in the EU? Aren’t they expected to play by the same rules, live by the same laws, as other EU members? I’m a fan of the European Union and would love to see it succeed, but they really shouldn’t let this sort of thing go on.

  • eve kochanska

    I disagree with the Polish anti- gay stand, I am polish, and there are plenty of people like me, especially young, in Poland. it’s the older generations that are anti-gay, and we are often hopeless in fighting them.

    but i don’t know who you are – qjersey – i can only assume you’re an idiot, polish people have died in nazi camps, and gave their lives to save the Jewish people – whole entire polish families where murdered on the spot for hiding jewish people from germans. maybe you should read some about this subject before you speak.

  • gay as life

    eve – I doubt that qjersey means EVERY Polish citizen. But with a government like theirs, Polish people should expect to be judged harshly by other countries.

    I’m American (of Polish descent), and I know that most people in the world unfortunately judge me by my idiotic criminal government right now. It horrifies me, and scares me a bit when I travel outside of the country. But I don’t blame the people who stereotype me. I know that citizens are generally judged by their government, especially if that government is democratically elected.

    If you don’t want to be judged as anti-gay, then do something to change your government!

  • Mark Walsh

    I suspect that the Poles, being the first people to be trounced by the Nazi, didn’t know what to do regarding the jews. We have to remember that like a lot of countries from that part of the world, they have been treated and governed atrociously for many years after coming out of pretty backward Monachies. Even now , in that part of the world, criminals often rub elbows with the government: it’s not the people. I’m not Polish , but I am compassionate for helpless exploited people.

  • jogus

    Just a quick note from a european to clarify. The European Court of Human Rights is NOT an EU institution. They deal with breaches of the European convention on Human Rights, which however has been signed by all European conytries, AND the EU as a collective.

    Furthermore, Polands governement is seriously f-ing crazy anyway and I agree the other EU-nations should be addressing this (which they probably are behind the scenes). But don’t blame it all on religion guys, look at catholic spain with genderneutral marriages…

  • se

    qjersey, you’re grossly unjust toward Poles. Whole Polish families were exterminated just for helping Jews and thousands of Poles died in concentration camps. To say that every Pole was/is anti-Semitic is to say that every German was a Nazi.

    As for the Polish government, you might as well say that every American would die for Bush. I’m Polish, I’m gay and I’ve been in a relationship for about five years. Our families and our straight friends accepted us as we are, we’ve never been bashed or even discriminated in a serious way. I hardly ever meet anyone in my age (I’m in my twenties) who has anti-gay attitude. On the other hand, I’ve never met a gay couple who’d like to adopt a child here. I suppose we’re not ready yet.

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  • Artur

    I’m a Canadian citizen born in Poland. I travel a lot and have visited Poland with my Canadian friend in 2005 and I have to say these very rude people need attitude adjustment. Even my own family living there shocked me. I asked my uncle not to smoke in the same room and I he responded: “Why, he’s only Canadian”

    Not going back for at least 10 years.

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