Politico Comes Out To Fight Prop 8

Proposition 8’s pulling all sorts of people out of the closet.

Catholic preacher man Geoffrey Farrow lost his job after coming out and then urging his congregation to oppose the anti-gay ballot measure. Well, now Glenn Fait has done the deed.

The former mayor of Folsom, California, Fait took out an ad in his local paper this week to announce his homosexuality – and, yes, to fight the proposition:

Fait, 65, said he felt so strongly about his opposition to Proposition 8, the ballot initiative that seeks to ban same-sex marriage, that he decided to out himself to the community where he has lived for more than 40 years.

“I think people will be surprised,” said Fait.

“For weeks, I was trying to figure out what I can do and then I thought, well, I can do this.”

Fait paid $660 for the quarter-page ad that ran Wednesday in the weekly Folsom Telegraph, which has a printing of 17,000.

“I have lived in Folsom most of my life,” the ad began. “As a gay man, I have a personal interest in Proposition 8. My civil rights are at stake.”

Fait, who is single, says he hopes his action will help dispel some people’s preconceived notions on same-sex lovers: “People often have stereotypes of gay people. It helps sometimes when they realize that someone they have a business or community relationship with is gay.”

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  • dizzyspins

    “Fait…hopes his action will help dispel some people’s preconceived notions on same-sex lovers”

    What notions–that gay people are cowards who live in the shadows for most of their lives?

    Maybe if people like him had come out earlier, California wouldn’t be on the verge of passing Prop 8. Fait was perfectly fine being closeted when he was a Republican mayor. But now that he’s a law-school dean and there are no ramifications, he’s suddenly going to be “brave” and come out at age 65?! Too little, too late, bud.

  • Kid A

    I think it’s brave of him, and I think it’s looking a gift horse in the mouth to criticize someone who comes out to try to help the cause.

  • Jim

    F-off Dizzyspins. Everyone whining that people aren’t doing/donating enough re: Prop 8, and people like you criticize someone who steps up because he feels compelled to do what he can. Why don’t you try taking off your blinders and reading the ad copy from the viewpoint of Fait’s intended readership.

  • Wendy

    I think it is awesome what he did. The time was right for him to tell his truth.

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