Rival Hopes Discrimination Will Disappear

Politico Proposes Gay Recognition

A new day may be dawning in Salina, New York. City supervisor Chuck Iavarone hopes to pass an overarching human rights law that would, among other things, recognize same-sex partnerships. Based on Ithaca’s human rights ordinance, the proposed legislation, which will be debated this evening, would include a myriad non-discrimination clauses:

[The proposed law] covers more than gay rights. It would prevent discrimination for all minorities in the areas of public accommodations, employment, real estate transactions, credit and education.

If the law is passed, for instance, harassment or graffiti against a particular minority group would become a misdemeanor… One thing the proposed law can’t do is legalize same-sex marriage.

While lefties may celebrate tonight’s vote, more conservative leaders aren’t feeling very exuberant. Says stink bug councilman David Stott:

Why would we want to decide this at a local level and, possibly, open the town to litigation? I’m not sure we should even waste the time or the taxpayers’ money discussing this. It’s really a state-wide issue.

Yeah, better to ignore such things: they’ll just go away.