"Type Cast" Lesbian Finds New Experiences

Portia Opens Up On ‘Nip/Tuck’

Lesbian actress Portia de Rossi joins the cast of FX’s Nip/Tuck this season. And, shocker, she’s playing a lesbian. Though she originally wavered on taking the seemingly type cast role, her lady-friend, Ms. Ellen DeGeneres, turned her around:

My relationship with Ellen is so public, and I thought, ‘Am I going to play a romantic lead again?’ I had that one moment of, ‘Does this mean I’ll be typecast as a lesbian?’ And (Ellen) turned to me and said, ‘So what?’ And I thought, ‘Oh, yeah, right, so what?’”

Playing – and being – a lesbian ain’t nothin’ new for the stunning beauty, but some of the show’s less politically correct scripts broke some of the the beauty’s boundaries. Not only does de Rossi get down and dirty with some “gratuitous” sex scenes, the Aussie national also got a taste of nasty homophobia:

…The series’ two plastic surgeons refer to her by a choice assortment of homophobic slurs, something new for de Rossi. “It’s so crazy because I never faced any kind of discrimination. Here, it’s all scripted, but it still stings,” she says. “It was a very interesting thing for me to experience. I’d walk away at the end of the day not feeling very good.”

Then she goes home to her big mansion, uber-successful girlfriend and gorgeous self and realizes feeling a little crummy ain’t that bad of a trade.

Oh, and for those of you who want to know if De Rossi will ever have a child, she’s wavering on the subject, but feel like she’s got an obligation to adopt. We think that’s swell, but it would be super if she could pass those genes…


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  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    It has never been easy for minority actors of any stripe or minority, for that matter. The slings and arrows have come from both within and without the minority community.

    There is always within all minorities, the struggle against self-hatred, and that projection upon those who are like us. This is the etiology of the dehumanisation process in calling your recent date experience as a “trick with it” rather than a date with a person.

    Do I believe that the ghetto mentality is slowly but surely leaving in Canada? and other countries
    where same-sex couples are mainstreamed? The answer is yes, but slowly.

    Many Hugh Heffner types have – and not to mention the porno industry have – for generations benefitted from the psychiatric abnormal and judicial criminal nomenclatures. Many hate the mainstreaming of same sex couples who are also raising children.

    True, there has always been the lifelong hetero libidinous lifestyles. You bet ! This population among straights is a minority, and not a stereotypic majority.

    My activism in my country is to make our revolution evolutionary. We will always have those individuals who will transition through or probably stay their entire lives, within streets and avenues with a rainbow flag on them. The great majority will grow up knowing that their same sex orientation is equal – legally, culturally and spiritually – with their straight siblings. They will have the same opportunities and the same rights and privileges.

    True conjugal love will bring two persons and their families into a legal cultural and spiritual union. Strangers will become families, and grandparents will share children of their gay and lesbian married children.

    This is my activism, my prayer and my hope for my Canada, my world, my family and my son….and I hope that it becomes true for you too.

  • Leland Frances

    Christ of the Andes, Rev! Is there ANY topic you can resist bloviating on? Navel lint—what are your thoughts on that? Is it better in Canada? Is it a capitalist plot, too, or merely a tool of the Democratic Leadership Cancel to deny LGBTs their rights to clean belly buttons?

    Don’t your alleged partner and alleged son need your attention more than we do? Aren’t you neglecting your marital and parenting duties?

  • WWH

    Rev and Leland: you are both windbags. So there. As for Portia, I think that she’s rather an Ugly Betty.

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    More verbal diarrhea from you under different names, eh ???? I have plenty of time to devote to my family….since I am sure that along with other things, you are an old man with no life partner, let alone the courage, compassion and selflessness that it takes to produce them.

    I am retired with pension….in a national with universal health care….and unlike Don Quixote fighting windmills, I can fight windbags and I can dismiss the queenly trolls who dislike me on this blog.

  • hells kitchen guy

    I’d do her. Honest.(I may be gay; I’m not blind.)

  • Ash

    I’m glad Portia is playing a lesbian, good for her. I understand the fear of typecasting though, and I don’t think it’s just about sexuality. As an actor, one never wants to be typecast because it’s BORING. Playing the same role over and over is dull. I still like that Ellen said “so what?” though. Being typecast as a lesbian is different from being typecast as, say, the ditzy cheerleader. Lesbian lives and personalities are much more diverse.

  • Mr. B

    For those who see Portia as an attention seeker, a poser, or a trend-follower, it’s worth noting that she was very secretive about her orientation (although dating women, etc.) for a long time. We gay men don’t have a monopoly on the closet.

    Add my voice to the echoes of praise to Portia for taking a lesbian role!

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    I’m a Canuck from Quebec’s anglophonne townships next to the US border. I started visiting your site after one of our better activists suggested that more Canucks come and share with our American neighbours.

    I have usually stayed away from GLBT blogs in the States. They usually dislike Canucks and part of it is misinformation and yes, jealousy that we have rights that everyone but the ghetto sex queen wants. You see, I know the bishop. I am an Anglican and we know where our liberal voices are and were. He has a nice spouse and a very polite and cute kid.

    Well, I read the stuff posted by some guy from Hell’s Kitchen (the armpit of NYC) and some guy with his drag name, and some dy…lesbian who will never know how that man fought for women in the priesthood and testified in Ottawa for single mother’s additional help from the federal government.

    I am here to come and go. Not even a Bill Pardue could come to his support. His views are more Canadian in politics than the majority of his countrymen. Gays who are conservatives? WTF.

    After all the good press that our good guy gave this blog, I will certainly spread the REAL WORD and leave you guys alone…without any rights and lovin’ it.

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    This letter was sent to me, and thought we would pass it on…….Nigel.

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