"Type Cast" Lesbian Finds New Experiences

Portia Opens Up On ‘Nip/Tuck’

Lesbian actress Portia de Rossi joins the cast of FX’s Nip/Tuck this season. And, shocker, she’s playing a lesbian. Though she originally wavered on taking the seemingly type cast role, her lady-friend, Ms. Ellen DeGeneres, turned her around:

My relationship with Ellen is so public, and I thought, ‘Am I going to play a romantic lead again?’ I had that one moment of, ‘Does this mean I’ll be typecast as a lesbian?’ And (Ellen) turned to me and said, ‘So what?’ And I thought, ‘Oh, yeah, right, so what?'”

Playing – and being – a lesbian ain’t nothin’ new for the stunning beauty, but some of the show’s less politically correct scripts broke some of the the beauty’s boundaries. Not only does de Rossi get down and dirty with some “gratuitous” sex scenes, the Aussie national also got a taste of nasty homophobia:

…The series’ two plastic surgeons refer to her by a choice assortment of homophobic slurs, something new for de Rossi. “It’s so crazy because I never faced any kind of discrimination. Here, it’s all scripted, but it still stings,” she says. “It was a very interesting thing for me to experience. I’d walk away at the end of the day not feeling very good.”

Then she goes home to her big mansion, uber-successful girlfriend and gorgeous self and realizes feeling a little crummy ain’t that bad of a trade.

Oh, and for those of you who want to know if De Rossi will ever have a child, she’s wavering on the subject, but feel like she’s got an obligation to adopt. We think that’s swell, but it would be super if she could pass those genes…