Portland, OR, School Designates Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

restroom23980The city of Portland, Oregon, got swallowed up whole by a volcanic fissure. Yup, an area high school converted six bathrooms as gender-neutral, and God swallowed the whole town up whole.

Okay, not exactly: Ulysses S. Grant High, Portland’s largest public high school, re-christened six restrooms as unisex , offering another option for the five to ten trans students on campus—and absolutely nothing happened.

The walls didn’t bleed, local women didn’t spontaneously go into labor, and the walls between dimensions didn’t fracture.

The Oregonian reports that four single-person student bathrooms and two faculty lavatories have been opened to all students. “We just need to make sure that all students are safe and comfortable here, and that they have their needs met,” Grant High vice principal Kristyn Westphal said. “If they feel unsafe using the bathroom, that’s a problem.”

Oregon is one of 15 states that offers some protections to trans citizens.