Pretty Things

We were having a lovely electronic chat with our artist friend, Ryan Greene, the other day and we asked him to recommend an artist for you, our darling readers. As you saw in The Narcissist Issue, Greene’s poised to become one of the great artists of his generation, thus when he suggested Mathew Cerletty, we hopped on over to Cerletty’s site faster than you can say art-fag.

Rather than tell you what we think of the 26-year old Wisconsin born, New York based figurative painter, we’re going to post a few of our favorites, as well as the link to Cerletty’s site, and let you draw your own conclusions. (Get it, draw. Shit, we can’t believe the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association didn’t even give us an honorable mention!)

Oh, and for those of you over in England between October 6th and November 4th, swing by the Royal Academy of Arts to see Cerletty’s work in the group show, USA Today.