Priest Who Insisted Gays Should Be Celibate Accused Of Molesting Teenage Boy


You’ll never believe this, but a homophobic religious official has been accused of molesting a teenage boy.

Maddeningly, the statute of limitations may prevent the case from ever being fully investigated or prosecuted. Lord knows the church isn’t going to launch an investigation with any transparency.

The facts as we know them are these: Father Anthony Giuliano told a newspaper back in 2014 that gays should be celibate if they wanted to be a part of the church. Not priests — just members. And he said that Pope Francis was wrong to admit same-sex couples into the church. Good God.

Giuliano ran two parishes about two hours from New York when a man in his 40s accused him of a molestation in the 80s. Are the accusations true? The Archdiocese called them “credible,” so who knows what they know.

According to the victim, the priest befriended him in the late 80s, and they used to wrestle. At one point, the priest is said to have taken the teen someplace private and gave him a “frontal,” pulling down his pants and molesting him. But because he didn’t report the crime until long after he turned 23, he has no recourse in New York.

There have been efforts to reform the law that forces victims to come forward before their 23rd birthday. And you’ll never guess who was opposed to those reforms: the Catholic League! They called it “a vindictive bill pushed by lawyers and activists out to rape the Catholic Church.”

So whether the accusations are true or not — it’s just not possible to know if they’re fabricated or misremembered or completely accurate — the fact remains that the church seems comfortable to be a safe haven for child molesters.

Once again, it just goes to show you that if you want your kids to be truly safe, take them to a drag show, not a church.