Priest Runs For Parliament To “Destroy” Gays

iulian capsaliAh, Romania. It’s one of the least hospitable countries for LGBTs, which is probably why evil priest F is running for office there.

Julian Capsali’s running for European Parliament on a platform of eradicating gays.

His beliefs are pretty standard for an ignorant homophobe: he spouts nonsense about “homosexual ideology” and how Christians are all oppressed by the gays. Not to surprisingly, he has the backing of the Orthodox Church, which helped him raise signatures for his candidacy. Oh, and here’s another shocker: he’s opposed to abortion.

Once in office, he plans to somehow turn the European Union away from tolerating gays. Good luck with that, because there’s nothing gayer than a European.

The unsettling part of all this is that Capsali might have a good shot at winning. Not only do most Romanians favor criminalizing homosexuality, but by some accounts he’s also super-wealthy. One news account says that he has a $2.2 million fortune to help him manipulate a lot of people into voting for him.

Oddly, though, another report says that he lives in a three-bedroom apartment with his wife and nine kids. Maybe he’s not rich after all? That same news report says that the candidate with the $2.2 million fortune is actually Peter Costea, an American Protestant priest and former lawyer who is also running for office. Whatever the case, Capsali is dangerous.

Fortunately, once he’s in office, there’s not a huge amount of damage he can do. There are 765 other members of European Parliament, and the conservative religious members have tried to form a formal alliance in the past but failed. He’s identified Socialists and Greens as his enemies, but they have a lot more support in Parliament than he does — so even if he makes it in, he could be out-gunned.