Say what?!

Pro boxer says gay people are “wrong” and “confusing to society”

Champion boxer Anthony Mundine is in hot water after claiming homosexuality is “wrong” and saying gay people are “confusing to society.”

Mundine is an Australian professional boxer and former rugby league footballer. He’s currently starring on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here in Australia.

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In a new interview with Sydney Morning Herald, Mundine said he “should have been born in the ‘40s and ‘50s.”


We’ll let him explain:

I’m from their sort of era, their traits and their beliefs back then, where the men were the men and the women were the women. Not the man trying to be the woman and the woman trying to be the man.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Mundine also called homosexuality “confusing” and unnatural, saying “two genders together is natural, it’s what’s meant to be”

And he claimed the Australian Broadcasting Corporation “promotes” homosexuality to young people.

And he said  he has a gay friend who he constantly “warns” better “find a lady” or “God will judge you.”

What a charmer.

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