Queer Uncle Week

Zac Posen P Diddy

It’s a damn good week to be the gay uncle to a celebrity.

First, Heath Ledger gave his bi uncle props, saying he was the source of inspiration for his grunting and palm-spitting character in Brokeback Mountain. Ledger even brought his uncle, a wrestler (natch), as his date to the movie’s Aussie premiere. What a way to support the gays!

Now, friend to twink fashion diva Zac Posen and former beau to fag hag J. Lo, P. Diddy has come out to reveal that his own uncle was the one who gave him his sense of style. If true, someone please revoke his uncle’s pink card.

Some may think this only reinforces stereotypes that queers have a great sense of style and a flair for drama. We think it would make a rocking PFLAG ad campaign.

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