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Queering 9/11: Sally Kerns Still Thinks Homosex More Dangerous Than Terrorism

As reports, Oklahoma Republican state legislator/professional hate monger Sally Kern spoke with Americans for Lies Truth About Homosexuality to help promote her book The Stoning of Sally Kern.

The Wicked Witch of the Midwest has always maintained her remarks about homosexuality being a greater threat to America than Islam or terrorism were taken out of context by the Big Bad Media.

So, given a platform to clarify her stance, what does she do? Explain how homosexuality is the greatest threat to our nation, more so than terrorism or Islam. Ah thanks for clearing that up, Sally!

If you have the stomach for it, listen (or read) her comments below.


 “You know if you just look at it in practical terms, which has destroyed and ended the life of more people? Terrorism attacks here in America or HIV/AIDS? In the last 20 years, 15 to 20 years, we’ve had maybe three terrorist attacks on our soil, with a little over 5,000 people regrettably losing their lives. In the same time frame, there have been hundreds of thousands who have died because of having AIDS. So which one’s the biggest threat?”

“And you know, every day our young people…are bombarded at school, in movies, in music, on TV, in the mall, in magazines—they’re bombarded with ‘homosexuality is normal and natural.’ It’s something they have to deal with every day. Fortunately we don’t have to deal with a terrorist attack every day, and that’s what I mean.

“…It’s more dangerous, and yes I think that it’s also more dangerous because it will tear down the moral fiber of this nation. We were founded as a nation upon the principles of religion and morality, if we take those out from under our society we will lose what has made us a great nation, we will no longer be a virtuous people, which we see happening already. And without virtue this nation will not survive.”

For someone from Oklahoma City, which suffered its own terrorist attack in 1995, to make such a flippant and specious statement is deplorable.

Beyond that, it’s pretty clear Sally is pissing off the wrong people: Judging from her recent photos, there’s not a homo stylist in the state willing to touch that brittle gray broom she calls her hair.

Source: Rightwingwatch via OnTopMagazine

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  • christopher di spirito

    This heffa bitch looks like a Hillbilly who lives in a shack, hunts and eats squirrel and bathes in a river.

  • ChrisC

    She looks like the Mothers corpse from Alfred Hitchcocks ‘Psycho’.

  • Little Kiwi

    30,000 people die in America each year from gunviolence. and yet, Mrs. Kern doesn’t want to increase gun control.

    hypocritical bitch.

  • iDavid

    Even a snappy new hairstyle couldn’t change her face of Satan. Even an Oprah makeover has it’s limits. But it could be fun try’n.

    Christopher, did u not want to mention shanty Sally pees through a hole in her shack floor? Or did it just slip your mind? Don’t hole back now. ;)

  • Fitz

    Using her logic, by FAR the greatest threat to America is fat people.
    Heart disease and CVA, still the #1 killer folks.

  • gollygeegaygoy

    Sally, is breast cancer gods hatred of tits ?

  • Trey

    Wow, what a bitch, I cant believe there are actually people like this running our country. Such a shame.

  • Patsy Stoned

    Trey, she is just typical of the Republican mindset of 2011. Many of the others couch their hatred in platitudes like “oh, we’ll let fags WORK for us and maybe even live in the next county over” but this brittle bitch just lays the hate right out there.

  • jason

    Sally Kern looks like Shirley Phelps.

  • iDavid


    I agree.

    They all look like they are from the Charles Manson clan.

  • Shannon1981

    Why do we allow crazy people to hold office and influence people in public? This bitch is a total lunatic. She belongs in a nut house, not a state house.

  • TMikel

    Sally Kern is worse than terrorism and she is ONE person. Think of all the terrorists there area. She is so lacking in intelligence, understanding and comporehension and compassion. Why does any one listen to her. She is way past her 15 minutes of fame.

  • TMikel

    Sally Kern is worse than terrorism and she is ONE person. Think of all the terrorists it takes to do the harm of this one woman. She is so lacking in intelligence, understanding and comporehension and compassion. Why does any one listen to her. She is way past her 15 minutes of fame.

  • TMikel

    A few colonies were founded on religious principles – notably Massechussetts with the Puritans. Pensylvania was founded by the Quakers, dedicated to religious tolerance. Rhode Island was founded by people who could not stand the Puritans. Virginia – the first English colony was founded as an econimic venture. Georgia was established mostly as a penal colony. Maryland – Catholics hence the name. Need I go on? Kern is quite wrong with her rant as most of the founding fathers were Diests. She is such a dweeb, and while we cannot all be handsome and pretty, does she HAVE to work so hard to be ugly or is that just the inner Sally coming out?

  • JoeyO'H

    The most distrubing thing about this carzy ass woman actually believes this, and there’s millions of people just like her. Radical extreme Islam is more dangerous? This woman should be on anti-psychotic drugs and under a doctor’s care. Hate mongers like Kern (stoning is not a bad idea) have no business in being in government and “serving the public.”

    Let her bad hair and witchiepoo face show up in Jersey, I have some rocks to throw at her.

    Honey, homosexuality is normal. Her way of thinking (or lack there of) is not.

  • Mike in London UK

    I think its nice that the American Mental Hospitals let the mentally deranged out of the asylums once in a while.

    But you guys really should stop them from talking to the press, it makes it look as if the madmen are actually running the place.

  • jazz debeer

    HIV is more prevalent amongs homosexuals. Plain and simple. Here is a CDC factsheep for everyones consideration:
    @ Fitz: By the way the comparison she was making was HIV and terrorism not HIV and cholestorol levels. Stick to the fact HIv has indeed killed more Americans than terrosist attacks. Analise the data without prejudice. The problem here is that proponets of the of the homosexual argument are impervious to objectivity simply because it is against the interests of gays. Get real science has proven time and again that homosexuals have a higher marginal propensity to new infection.

  • Jim Hlavac

    @jazz debeer: Oh dear genderless whomever, HIV is not a “gay” disease. It is a disease which gays get more than heteros, at this moment in time; which is changing rapidly to a wholly hetero disease, for our rates are going down, and your rates are going up. Meanwhile, Tay-Sachs is near 90% Jews, Lupus, almost all African-Americans, obesity, hetero men. Does this mean we condemn those people? Do we stop Jews from marriage and sex and kids because they get a particular disease due to some odd genetics? Or stop blacks from having kids to avoid sickle-cell anemia and lupus?

    Did you ever stop to think that if only gays get AIDS, as the lady is contending, and you are implying, we might well have a similar genetic distortion such as Jews and Blacks have for their particular diseases? Do you realize that if you treat young gay men nicely, so that they grow up to find their prince charming, that within those unions it would 100% impossible to get AIDS, or any other disease?

    Why don’t you face reality and realize that if there had never been AIDS this crazed women would have some other excuse, mostly based on the Bible, to call us “terrorists.” She’s not against AIDS, she wants gay people gone, for her “god.” Hell, by her thinking, AIDS is a savior come to rid the land of sissies. And when the Bible was written there was no AIDS, but supposedly there were enough gay people to get special mention; in the most strangest oblique terms. What is the ancient Aramaic for “gay” or “homosexual” or queer, fairy or fag, for that matter?

    And for every disease under the sun the sufferers of that disease are not condemned to hellfire and brimstone, but given succor and mollycoddling. But for gays it’s constant condemnation for merely waking up in the morning whether they have AIDS or not; face that fact.

    And when the gay bars were raided back in the pre-Stonewall days, was it to “prevent” AIDS which hadn’t even appeared yet? Or was it for some other fantabulous reason? Egad, the Bible-based anti-gayness is based on, they say, 2000 years of this woman’s religious beliefs, the same sort that declared Jews in Europe an internal terrorist threat, and the thus 2000 years of pogroms against them. And ironically, the same religious beliefs which kept women as property and out of government. Now she merely wants pogroms against us; she’s a terrorist and a hypocrite and doesn’t follow the Bible — treat others as you wish to be treated. I think that supersedes the rest, no?

  • Hyhybt

    Congratulations, Sally. You’ve made a great argument that AIDS is worse than terrorism. But nobody (sane) has ever claimed that AIDS is a good thing, and it’s not the same as being gay, so that line doesn’t go where you’re trying to get on it.

  • jazz debeer

    @Jim Hlavac: I agree with you. We should treat others as we wish tpo be treated. I am not suggesting that homosexuals should be marginalized. I am simply saying that homosexuality is proven to be high risk behavior. You are comparing apples and oranges here. a certain race being vulnerable to contracting a particular disease has nothing to do with how they behave, and more to do with their gene pool. I cite the CDC because evidence shows that homosexuals, by virtue of being homosexual, are at a much higher risk of contracting HIV.According to th CDC homosexuals account for 53% of new infections anualy. Now you say that infections are declining, but i am citing data from last year. You will know from statistics that a decline can only be visible on a time series, and tht has to be year on year data. As it stands homosexuals STILL account for most HIV infections in North America, Latin America and other parts of the world. As for the rights of homosexuals, i believe that EVERY human being should be treated equaly, regardless of their ideas. However, we simply cannot turn a blind eye to the facts because it does not suit the needs ofa minority. Argue with the facts if you must. But i urge you to look at the statistics globaly before you discredit my opinion. I am not homophobic. And i am not against any group of people, just against high risk behaviour. And homosexuality is just that

  • jazz debeer

    @Hyhybt: I was not trying to imply that HIV is agay thing, but there is a relationship of direct proportionality here. While all groups are vulnerable so STIs particularly HIV, i would like to draw you attention to the following facts:
    1) Homosexual men account to a mere 4% of the male U.S population aged 13 and older, but the rate of new HIV infections in homosexual men is 44 times greater than that of heterosexual men in the same range ( this is a 2010 statistic)
    2) According to the CDC (one AGAIN IN 2010) HOMOSEXUALS AND BISEXUALS are the only groups in the U.S in which new infections are increasing. Infections from other groups are showing a steady decline. Again, this is an a well studied fact ( BY THE CDC not some anti gay group)

    I can give you many other well research facts here but one thing remains. We all have the obligation to behave responsible. Smoking Kills,High fat diets are bad, and homosexuality actualy does pose as a health hazard. There are many social ills in the worlds but we are addressing the issue of homosexuality here, nothing else. every human posseses the choice of free will but such will must be exersised with responibiblity for self. Homosexuals DONT deserve to be marginalized but it is time this minority embraces the facts. I am tired of being called homophobic everytime i share a statistic the gay agenda has gone into ridiculous political corectness. Facts are facts regardless of how they makeyou feel or how you see the people pointing them out.

  • ChrisC

    @jazz debeer: What are you here for? Just to troll and cause a disturbance? What are you planning to gain by spewing out these facts? Do you think that by using scare tactics people will stop being Gay? Because if that’s the case Iran wouldn’t have just executed 3 Gay men this month. You really did show your homophobia when you started in with the “Gay Agenda” remark. Why do people think “Gay Agenda” is an insult/buzzword? It isn’t. We do have an agenda: EQUALITY & AN END TO DISCRIMINATION. Furthermore, do you think that all homosexuality is is a sexual activity? Because it isn’t. Ultimately, I could give a shit about what facts you give us, just don’t go and use them for no reason. You didn’t come here saying “These are the facts! So start practicing safe-sex”. No, you started using them as a platform to essentially “Discourage homosexuality”. Trust me, if we could be scared into heterosexuality, it would have been long before we even got to AIDS/HIV facts that would have done it, it would be the fact that we can’t go out in public and hold our significant others hand without worrying that someone is going to kick the shit out of us or the fact that in countless countries around the world we can be arrested, or even executed, just for BEING LGBT.

  • jazz debeer

    @ChrisC: I am not against equality and an end to discrimination. Infact i am minority myself and i have fought for the rights of other minorities, (some of whom where gay). Now you know the safe sex message has been preached for years and it clearly has not worked. Therefore it would be counter intuitive for me to come here preaching safe sex. Additionaly, Homosxuals have a right to air their opinion in the heterosexual arena so why is it that when a heterosexual man airs his views here is is a disturbance. All over the world homosexuals have rallied to be heard and accepted. in other words you have a voice and it has been heard. In the very same way heterosexuals have a voice, and we too wil be heard. You speaking for your rights is not considered a disturbance so why does it become one when i speak my mind on the issue. Do you regect oposition? Infact as a human rights activists i hear many opinions but i deal ONLY with facts. This is why i am sharing stats. I am not a fear monger just i just happen to know the trends and nothing will change unless someone says it. More and more people are contracting HIv sir and the biggest impact is amongts gays. This is why i am here.

  • Mykey

    @Jim Hlavac: kindly ignore jaz debeer, most of this guy’s posts are full of hate and anti gay, what a bigoted closet case, s/he’s even a queerty member at that

  • Lefty

    @jazz debeer: Accept yourself. You’ll feel so much better. :)

  • Kawneekwa

    People,People This is the state that brought us That anti gay lieing bankrupt miss America runner up whore can’t think of her name the florida orange juice bitch. Oh you know….

  • Little Kiwi

    ignore Jazz. one more miserable bigot who will die alone.

  • Adam

    The wording in this post makes it sound like it would be okay if she thought Islam were the greatest threat to the country.

  • Robert in NYC

    These right wing religious nutjobs are nothing more than terrorists, no better than the Taliban. It’s an ideology, they have absolutely no intellectual grasp, all learned behavior, brainwashing if you will and a chosen lifestyle. Nobody comes into this world religious and isn’t innate unlike our sexual orientation.

    No. 22, according to the WHO, HIV/AIDS is occuring in a higher number of heterosexuals than in gays, especially on the African continent, India and in the far east. Our “homosexuality” per se isn’t a health hazard, only risky behavior which not all gays engage in I might add. Your statement seems to imply that all gay people engage in risky behavior, stereotyping us, and it just isn’t true. Nobody knows or will ever know for sure what the percentage of gay people there are in the U.S. It’s probably a lot higher than 4%. Similarly, a certain number of heterosexuals engage in risky sexual behavior, but I don’t hear you address that. If you’re equating homosexuality as a health hazard, then heterosexuals and their multiple partners, both married (adulterers) and single straights must also be labeled as a health hazard. If this disease had first spread among straights, you wouldn’t be here spewing this nonsense and there would be NO stigma associated with it, or reason to denigrate or villify them as Kerns et al do to us.

  • Fitz

    @jazz debeer: Being fat is a higher risk factor for premature death and disease than being gay is.

  • Jaroslaw

    Jim #19 great post, very well said. Respond and let it go. Many including me have tried debating with these people and they just refuse to get it.

  • Little Kiwi

    there is no “calm rational discussion” with people like Sally Kern as she is not capable of free thinking. Her “beliefs” and “opinions” are founded on willful ignorance, prejudice, insecurity, and blind hatred coupled with slavery to right-wing Christianity.

    you can’t calmly and intelligently discuss things with people whose beliefs exist only by ignoring the real world.

    the michelle bachmanns, the palins, the gingrinchs, the santorums, the kerns. these are not people who have “never” had their “opinions” debated in a calm, intelligent, friendly and rational manner. these are people who REFUSE to accept reality, because their sense of self hinges entirely on choosing to hold onto opinions that they actually “know” are incorrect.

    they’re too proud to back down. try to understand this, folks. this is not a woman who has simply never had her “opinions” challenged and debated in a calm and rational way – this is a hateful woman who refuses to listen to ruth.

  • the crustybastard

    @jazz debeer: I cite the CDC because evidence shows that homosexuals, by virtue of being homosexual, are at a much higher risk of contracting HIV.

    Lesbians are homosexual. Lesbians have virtually zero incidence of HIV.

    Therefore, evidence shows homosexuality isn’t the causal factor in any disease risk, meaning you are a liar and a goddam idiot, jazz debeer.

    But don’t worry: I’m certain that neither your sexual orientation, race or gender is the causal factor of your stupidity. Cognitive abilities are typically inherited, so please don’t inflict on any more children what your parents inflicted on us.

  • Gii

    @jazz debeer: “Torture numbers, and they’ll confess to anything.”

    But, as you like figures so much, we’ll stick to them.

    I took the time to look at your factsheet from the CDC and visit their website. According to figures from the CDC website, black people account for 46% of people diagnosed with HIV within the US, only 7% below men who have sex with men at 53%. And where men who have sex with men accounted for 53% of new infections, black people accounted for 45%. Again, only 8% difference. It’s not a huge difference. So, following the logic posed by you that homosexuality is a health hazard, do you also believe that having sex with a black person is also a health hazard?

    I’m sure you must, as, “we simply cannot turn a blind eye to the facts because it does not suit the needs of a minority”.

    So would you agree that black people are a more serious threat to your country than terrorists? Because that sounds a wee bit racist to me.

    I guess I’m a threat to my own country too, being heterosexual…as in the UK it’s us straight people who are the higher percentage of HIV-carriers, and has been for 20 years.

    On another note, I’d like to point out that the statistics on HIV and AIDs from the CDC is only collected from 37 states and 5 US dependent areas. Now I’m not from the US, but there’s at least 50-something states, right? So those figures are not based on the entire country.

    Also, as you’re a facts-and-figures person, maybe you didn’t read the bits without numbers you could use to serve your own ‘agenda’. So in the hopes that you read it, I’ll quote it for you, and hope you maybe give it a second thought before blaming one group of society for a disease that affects all of it.

    “Social discrimination and cultural issues: For some MSM, social and economic factors, including homophobia, stigma, and lack of access to health care may increase risk behaviors or be a barrier to receiving HIV prevention services.”

  • christopher di spirito

    @jazz debeer: You opined, “I am tired of being called homophobic everytime i share a statistic the gay agenda has gone into ridiculous political corectness.”

    Are you serious? You are not the “Keeper of Statistics.”

    I would bet the title to my SUV that 95% of the men who post on Queerty are 1,000,000 times more informed than you vis a vis HIV, what constitutes ‘high risk’ behavior, and what steps can be taken to reduce transmission of the virus that causes AIDS.

    The Queerty community does not need or require your patronizing commentary about HIV.

    Since you said you are “tired” of your prattle, I suggest you push off, eat some battered and fried onion rings, and read your 20 year old Sears catalog.

    Now, be gone moron.

  • Little Kiwi

    what the fuck is the “gay agenda” queerty, can y’all just block the fuck outta “jazz debeer” already? another GOProud fucknut troll.

  • Jim Hlavac

    @jazz debeer: Oh idiot genderless idiot — 100% of AIDS in the beginning were gay. Now it’s 48% — we are a declining percentage, obviously; you are blind. Furthermore, since we don’t know the number of gays in the nation; it being illegal to count — any such figures you present are preposterous. Oh go watch Jerry Springer and tell me the wonders of the heterosexual lifestyle. And then give me your sister to smooch, should you dare to give her up to some “ex-gay” as you no doubt believe exists.

    You sir, on this day, when I lost my brother in law, and had to console my niece and nephew, are a cretin of unimaginable proportions. You disgust me. Completely. You and your kind rely on a 2000 year old man-manipulated book to condemn me, while AIDS is 30 years old. Do not shove you friggin’ beliefs down my throat, or I shall shove mine down yours.

    You sir, are a piffle pusher of preposterous proportions. Don’t quote statistics, tell me about my life — which you no ill and nothing about.

  • Chugggalug

    @Little Kiwi: An African American from the GOP ? I know they’re rare, but they do exist. But I expect jazz is actually a church-Democrat. And he or she is not really a bad person, just misinformed. I’m guessing.

  • Chugggalug

    @Jim Hlavac: (That’s not fair to bring up Springer though. The “guests” on that show were all actors).

  • Jim Hlavac

    @jazz debeer: Oh no, queety, do not ban this person, let this genderless person come in amongst us to debate our gender, for we know ours. For that is what Supreme Court Justice Breyer said: “we are in a great national debate” over whether “god hates fags.”

    No, let us then debate this man or woman or whatever it is. I welcome heteros to this site, of whichever sex. Lord, I have been spreading this site to heteros for months; and I’m glad perhaps I brought this person who will not put his or her light upon the basket here, but hide behind a moniker, to this place.

    No, let us not be whinny sissies preaching to our choir — we know whom we are, why just argue amongst ourselves? I have gone to numerous hetero sites, and brought this site to them; I have gone to Tea Party and Republican and Right Wing and Libertarian and Christian websites galore to preach our word: Let Our People Go!

    Let us “debate” this existence of a rock, for “Debeers” himself would try to sell our fortitude, he being the premier diamond salesman in the world.

    For we are strong; we have heard this all before. There is nothing new under the sun when it comes to anti-gay mush. Let us therefore now debate; with actual real live gay guys.

    My sissy friends are mostly ninnies, Jazz (yes, you queerties will all be pissed, I fear not, for the Lord is on my side) — let them bleat. But now you have found me, Jazz; let us “debate,” you and I. But first, oh genderless wonder, put forth your name, so we might know whom you are — for I have put forth my name, and hide naught. How many Jim Hlavac’s “jazz debeeers” do you think there might be? I dare say less than “jazz debeers,” a dime a dozen. Anything less than your name is utter mush. Speak now unto me, contend with me, not some Queerty queers, but me, personally. Oh I relish it, in ways you cannot comprehend, and my queerty buddies but must wonder at. You are unBiblical, put your name upon thy basket, and tell me who you are, so we might “debate” my life!

    And let me tell you sir, or madam (almost certainly so, like a woman denied a gay man’s attentions because we are gay, and forced to marry some fat hetero man,) no ma’am, let me tell you, you have met a sissy scorned, and hell hath no fury like it.

  • Adman

    @jazz debeer: Jazz is an African American shit heel troll who wants to divert attention from the HIV epidemic in his community caused directly by this very same community willing to sacrifice it’s own to bury the truth of it’s own hatred. Who cares about his churchy-church chauvanist anti logic? Anyone?

    G’head play that culture war rhetoric to your pastor, maybe he’ll remedy the fact that your female relations take it up the ass from Jail house head cases and junkies to pay the rent every month, and now nobody can go to the club and get down consequence free anymore since your sister gave them all HIV. Maybe the pastor will give you a pat on the head or a handful of M&Ms for your trolling, amirite? Oh yeah, Jazz, why don’t African American heteros protect themselves sexually? Huh? What’s in it for them? Answer carefully quizling, since you may be fucking around in the wood shed with the masters tools, but that doesn’t mean his back is turned now does it, church made trade?

  • Ian

    Oh Sally, you silly cunt.

  • Tony

    how can a public official be allowed to get away with such hate speech? If these comments were made about any other group, she would be out of there real fast. Oklahomans should be ashamed.

  • the crustybastard


    In a representative democracy, only the voting majority within a district are represented in the legislature.

    Obviously, in Sally Kerns’ district, the majority are toenail-chewing inbred troglodytes.

    Yeah, it’s not a perfect system.

  • realize this

    She is back again, and only trying to boost the sales of her book! (her stoning will be when she is judged, as she is judging!) but while I am here, I am going to let you know, she is part owner of a thrift store, in Bethany, at 23rd. and Council. it’s called heart and hand. They have tried to keep it quiet about the actual owners, but she is one! I would suggest not walking in the door! Why should anyone support her and her husbands tax free status! and yes, it is just as dirty and nasty, as she is!

  • Carol

    Doesn’t this country have enough to worry about.Iam straight. OMG How does she know if she never had a gay person in her family???????? Or in the future of her family??????
    God made us in his own image. Does anybody know what he looks like??? This is not blasimy, This country is going to be insighted to distroy itself with people like her running around. Get off your high horse. Iam ashamed to call you woman.

  • Mav

    Why, oh why, do we keep electing morons?

    Have all the smart and principled people just given up and decided to focus their careers in privatized business and nonprofits? Sure seems that way…

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