Queerty Query: Brini Maxwell


Style Network star Brini Maxwell is preparing a Christmas show that is playing for one night only this coming Sunday in New York. The performer who has been called “Florence Henderson with a Y chromosome” recently caught up with Bradford Shellhammer, discussing Martha Stewart, Jonathan Adler, and what all gays need this holiday season.

What exactly is A Very Brini Christmas and what can we expect from your upcoming show?

It’s a warm, nostalgic look at the holiday season, with gentle humor and delightful music.

What new projects are you working on?

I have a few things up my sleeve, but nothing I can talk about at the moment. You can see the episodes of my second season, now airing on the Style Network on Fridays at 2:30pm and my new book: Brini Maxwell’s Guide to Gracious Living is available everywhere – including the show at the Cutting Room.

What are five things every good gay needs to have this holiday season?

Good cheer, good friends, good will, good taste, and good recuperative skills.

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Is less more?

In an abstract sense, less “is”. We put value judgments on everything. Less can be more; it can also be less…

My 30th is this year. How should I celebrate?

Gather the people you care about around you and don’t forget to hint around for what you want!

Who would win in a bake-off, you or Martha?

I’m not big on competition. It’s divisive. I would prefer to unite with Martha for a common goal of some kind than be pitted against her.

Jonathan Adler. Do we love him?

We do, most definitely. He has the most delightful take on mid century style.

What is your most prized possession?

My imagination – how dull life would be without it.

Do blondes have more fun?

Well, it’s hard to say. One thing’s for sure – blonds tend to have more salon appointments…

Any Season’s Greetings you’d like to send to The Gays this year?

Have a delightful, happy and healthy holiday season, and remember life is what you make it, so make it worthwhile.

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