Queerty Query: Lady Bunny

lady bunny

Lady Bunny is a drag legend, a NYC nightlife fixture, and one funny comedian. Recently Bunny caught up with Bradford Shellhammer to discuss her new DVD, Star Jones, and the perfect boyfriend. FYI, It’s not that safe for work.

Hi Bunny. What made you decide to blog?
Well, the first reason was to keep people engaged with Ladybunny.net. No matter how fantastic your site is, ain’t nobody gonna come back if you don’t update it. Since I need a web designer to make major changes, the blog is a do-it-yourself way to keep my site current with everything from comments on current affairs to my schedule of appearances.

Before I had a blog, I forwarded sick shit to friends constantly. Now I just post it. Luckily, now fans of the blog send sick shit to me! And the launching of my website coincided with George Bush’s reign of terror. Actually seeing the second World Trade Center (don’t ask me what I was doing up at that hour!) shook me up, but instead of asking, “What do we do?” I thought, “What have we done to deserve this?”. Bush’s decision to retaliate against Iraq, a country with no WMDs and no connections with the perpetrators of 9/11, sparked my interest in politics–which mainly consists of slamming this administration. There’s a lot of humor crap on my blog, too, but I’ve gotten a great response for the political rants. Which is fairly surprising, since most gays aren’t very political these days. Face it, the ACT UP days, when getting involved was even seen as trendy/hot, are long gone. I wish there were more gays interested in things like rising HIV infections, but the tone of most gay rags is very shallow and hunk-oriented. Enjoy the hunks! Masturbate over them. But balance the hunks with issues, especially if they’re issues like AIDS, which are killing us!

Name you favorite drag queen and why?
Dame Edna. She is so demented! And she’s hetero! I actually like her out-of-drag characters just as much as her drag. She’s a class A kook and has really taken it to a huge scale with TV specials, Broadway shows, Vanity Fair articles, etc. And when she met Joan Rivers she told her “You look fantastic. Please don’t ever consider plastic surgery!”

The Pam Anderson Roast. What was that night like?
I had a blast hanging out with the celebs. Hell, with Tommy Lee next to me and Dennis Rod-man behind me, I was surrounded by about two feet of dick! Call me a sick freak, but I’ve always dreamt of one in each end! So it was hard for me to concentrate on the lines–the lines that Courtney was shoving up my nose! KIDDING! And I got to meet my idol, Charo! But ultimately, it was disappointing since they cut most of my lines. I had submitted jokes, which Comedy Central deemed too filthy. So they basically wrote me a script, which wasn’t that funny, and I knew it. A few of the jokes they provided for me were about Comedy Central comedians who I had never heard of like Adam Carolla. And then they went on to let everyone else tell really filthy jokes! But all in all, it was better to be on it briefly than not at all–it was the highest Nielsen rated special in years. And it was a pretty fucking hilarious show! Pam was a great sport, and they really let Bea Arthur have it.

After the jump Bunny tells us her nastiest joke.


The songs on your website. Are they available? Can you get us a copy?
I can mail queerty.com a promo copy, but in general, they are not yet available, except for a track called “Let’s Get Jumpin'” which can be downloaded from my site for free. (Just click on the “Let’s Get Jumpin'” Club Mix and you can download the mp3.) I have a single (“It’s Tonight”) coming out with some English producers called The Boneheadz in March and maybe an album down the line. I’m interested in writing for other artists as well, and Lady Miss Kier of Deee-Lite has recorded a funk track I wrote called Wear U Out. George Clinton is singing on it, too, which is kind of cool to have those two geniuses singing the first funk track you ever wrote.

Tell us your nastiest joke.
What’s worse than shoving 5 oysters up an old woman’s cunt? Sucking them out and getting 6!

Wigstock was a lot of fun this year. Will it be back in 2006?
I have absolutely no idea! My Wigstock partner (Scott Lifshutz) and I have to deal with each other so frequently over the summer that we tend to hate each other for several months after each years festivals. But we’ve starting to come out of that phase in the last week or two, so we’ll see.

What new projects are you working on?
Well, I just finished a comedy DVD called RATED X (FOR XTRA-RETARDED) so I’m actively promoting it in the press, from interviews like this one to a few radio interviews to hawking them on blankets on street corners! Luckily, they have been selling so I’ve been spending quite a bit of time stuffing envelopes! One online customer wrote me to ask if I addressed the envelopes myself and I wrote him back that I did. He replied, “You have the handwriting of a serial killer!” In truth, I am related to a semi-famous serial killer on my mother’s side.


In addition to my monthly column in Genre magazine, I’ve also been scribbling notes for a few book ideas, filmed a little cameo in RuPaul’s upcoming twisted movie, and shot a few different shows for QTV including a travel special on Minneapolis which will air in February/March. Oh, and I’m also posting an 18 minute video of a panel on drag starring John Cameron Mitchell, Boy George, Murray Hill and myself which was sponsored by Paper magazine last year. It turned out to be quite hilarious and informative and it should be up on Ladybunny.net by the end of February.

I’m also taking a break from touring and setting aside a couple of months to catch up with the rest of the world with technology. I don’t even know what a fucking Sidekick is, for Chrissakes! And my 12 year old nephew can do so much more than I can on the ‘net, so he’s currently showing his “Aunt Bunny” how to hack into those animal porn websites for free!

What comes to your mind when you think of George W. Bush?
A big turd.

Star Jones?
A huge turd.

Lindsay Lohan?
A smaller, prettier turd.

Who would win in a fistfight, Hedda or Jackie?
Whew! That’s a toughie! Hedda works out so she’s pretty strong (smelling) and could probably throw quite a punch. But then again, Jackie has plenty of, shall we say, “cushioning,” which might make her immune to Hedda’s fists. Does it have to be a fistfight? Couldn’t we provide them with knives or guns? I’ll arrange it!

The secret to happiness is?
A horse-hung, drug-dealing boyfriend who also styles wigs and sews costumes!