Rahm Emanuel Runs Away From the M-Word


We couldn’t help but chuckle at Sara Whitman’s narrative from her White House visit — where she “was humbled, honored and yes, fawned” — when the president signed the Matthew Shepard Act.

After the signing ceremony,

I went on the Rahm Emmanuel, who was standing by himself. I shook his hand and said, So when are you going to stop with this one man one woman stuff?

What do you mean? he said.

I raised my eyebrows and said, You know what I mean, and it makes your candidate look like he’s stuck in the 1990’s. It’ 2009. C’mon.

Let’s get healthcare first, he said.

I said, I don’t know if I can wait that long.

And off he scurried.

Typical straight man: Always running away at the first hint of confrontation. (Which is bizarre, since Rahm loves a good shouting match.)

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  • Brian

    Surprising – from a Jew.

  • Cam

    Rahm is the same pussy with gay issues he was when Clinton was president.

  • jgmanor

    Zionist pig.

  • jarvisbearcub

    You should make it clear that the “m” word is marriage by the end of the article.

  • Cam

    So Brian and JGmanor….

    You are asking for open mindedness and non-judgement from somebody that you are namecalling based on race/religion?

  • Jake the libertarian

    What the hell is with the antisemitism??? What are you gonna do next, put a rainbow bomb vest on and head down to the synagogue? What the hell have the Jews ever done to you two bigots? Think before you answer…

  • Hmmm

    Seriously. Bigotry is just as unattractive when gays spew it at others as when others spew it at us. I know it seems like such an easy, cheap shot to suggest that someone “sucks” because the class to people to which they belong is inferior. But you have to resist the temptation to go with that easy, cheap, bigoted shot. If you don’t like Rahm Emmanuel, then criticize Rahm Emmanuel – don’t criticize Jews. There are plenty of Jews out there fighting for our equality too.

  • Brian

    I called Rahm Emanuel a Jew. He IS a Jew.

    The reason it is “surprising” is that most Jews believe in our equality, in fact, there are 44 members of the 111th Congress that are Jewish. 38 of them (86%) are Pro-LGBT and only 14 are Anti-LGBT (the Orthodox ones).

    So, lighten up Jake. Think before you type.

  • Brian

    FYI Cam:

    “Jew” is not name-calling. Learn to read, Douchebag. “Douchebag” is in fact name calling. Enjoy.

  • Nizara

    He’s an orthodox jew – do you really think he wants gays to be “married” — hell no.

    He and Barry want Civil Unions – second class all the way the homos

  • Bertie

    Sara Whitman should get a fucking medal of honor from gays

    thanks Sara

  • Jake the libertarian

    Brian… first of all, sorry for calling you a bigot if you aren’t one. I am not really all that PC. However you have to read it in context. The guy two comments later called him a Zionist Pig. That is vile racist bigotry… You got lumped in. My apologies.

  • Nizara

    Super Jew Rahm Emmanuel has his wifey keeping a kosher kitchen —
    so I doubt he sees gay unions as worthy of “marriage” – and the precious covenant with God in Heaven.

    He and Obama both see “God in the mix” with the civil right of marriage in the USA so they should go to hell and not get out support.

  • Bertie

    Appointing Rahm was just another one of Obama’s political savvy moves to keep the jewish dem dollars flowing into the coffers.

    Rahm may as well be a Mormon or a Born Again Christian for all the support he would give to Gay civil marriage. aint gonna happen.

  • Cam

    No. 9 · Brian said…
    FYI Cam:

    “Jew” is not name-calling. Learn to read, Douchebag. “Douchebag” is in fact name calling. Enjoy.

    No, you based your surprise on his positions on race/religeon, so please don’t act all hurt and shocked that your comment came off as prejudiced. The fact that you responded by name calling shows that you are prone to it.

  • lalala

    The fact that he’s a Jew has no relevance to this bit of fluff. The fact that you felt the need to mention it is suspect. Look at the other posts that did the same and to understand why.

  • Bertie

    I like that they said he “scurried away” —

    get the Rodent metaphor ? LOL

    he IS a Rat fink – when it comes to gay equality anyway

    he’s a man steeped in superstition, bigotry and feeling that he is one of “the chosen people” living in accordance to God’s commandments.

    Thou shall not let the fags have the same tax breaks.

  • Attmay

    When did the comments section become Protocols of the Elders of Queerty?

  • bystander

    Rahm is just bat-shit insane….. perhaps also a genius, but crazy as all fuck at the same time

  • Brian NJ

    I always knew he was the one who told Obama that DADT amd DOMA goes last on the to do list. He is going to have a real shock in the midterms when gays, their friends, family, associates and all those they influence stays home. Then, when Obama CAN’T repeal DADT and DOMA, Obama won’t be re-elected. Failed presidency! Great job Rhamblow!

  • Bill Perdue

    The problem with Rahm is not his ethnicity, which is beside the point. The problem is that he’s an operative for the party that gave us DADT and DOMA, with a little Republican help, and seems intent on keeping them on the books.

    And the fact that he’s the ‘gatekeeper’ for the Bigot in Chief, Obama, who screwed our chances to retain same sex marriage in California with the bigot battle cry “gawd’s in the mix” by which Obama meant that the Sky Farter thinks we’re second class citizens and not quite human enough to get married.

    In short, the problem with Rahm is that he’s a bigot in a party that caters to bigots and works for the Bigot in Chief.

    Sara, that took guts. These guys aren’t used to being put on the spot and questioned by mere citizens. Thanks.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Rahm Emanuel is the New Dick Cheney. Really, Biden is just too ‘W’ Barack is controlled by inexperienced Democrats working from the 1993 playbook which is why I expect Sarah Palin to win in 2012. They deserve it! We are used to the big gay shakedown before the elections when they throw us under the bus! She’ll put us on an island (50 million for Manhattan, please!) and the Democrats will drop the emergency supplies in the bottom of the Hudson River and fist bump!

  • Orpheus_lost

    How amazing, Brian and his sockpuppets are both apologists AND bigots. It really doesn’t surprise me much but the fact that he’s willing to express it so openly is a little bold.

  • Brian

    Try to actually make a point Orpheus. If I said something “bigoted,” please reference it.

    My Post # 8:

    I called Rahm Emanuel a Jew. He IS a Jew.
    The reason it is “surprising” is that most Jews believe in our equality, in fact, there are 44 members of the 111th Congress that are Jewish. 38 of them (86%) are Pro-LGBT and only 14 are Anti-LGBT (the Orthodox ones).

    What part of that hurt your feelings? Even Rahm Emanuel calls himself a Jew.

  • Orpheus_lost


    I think you already made the point. You’re a bigot. You’re a horrible, ignorant, asinine bigot. what else is there to say, bigot?

  • Orpheus_lost


    I’m so sorry, I forgot to mention how trashy it is to try to spread your bigotry online, you trashy bigot.

  • reason

    Rahm is a highly skilled politician that has a range of issues to worry about. They will approach each problem in a manner that insures success and political expedience. Whether the administrations tackles DOMA and DADT will depend on this communities ability to influence our congresspeople and provide political cover. Bashing the president and five bucks will get you a cup of coffee, and a first class ticket stamped by Emanuel into prolonged second class status. As for elections, I am not short-sighted enough to vote based on gay rights alone: my friends, family, and various associates are intelligent enough to make their own decisions. Personal attacks, name calling, and condemnation will only lead you to a situation similar to Palestine vs. Israel, and the last time I checked the administration is Israel.

  • me

    it’s a matter of expediency. they are politicians first and idealists on weekends. this shouldn’t surprise anyone. outrage or disappoint, maybe.
    also, rahm is kewt :3

  • Brian NJ

    Rahm, Ploffe and Axlerod got together with congressional democrats, and outlined their priorities. Consulting with ass-in-the-air gay activists like Joe Solomonese, they decided that repeals of DADT and DOMA go to the bottom of the agenda. They would drop shit treats from the air on the gay elites, as they are happy with any attention, like Ugly Betty getting an invite, even though she has to bring a case of whiskey with her.

    But they miscalculated how influential the real gay vote was in providing political juice into the Obama energy grid, and now they are looking at a string of defeats. Great political advice Obama! — all because the democratic party was afraid of two simple repeals of old, discredited and unconstitutional law.

  • Robert, NYC

    Bill is right, his ethnicity isn’t the point but his orthodox religious beliefs are the reason he doesn’t want marriage equality, it goes against everything written in the old testament and you can bet Leviticus plays a huge part in his thinking and of course, you don’t have to be Jewish either. Just look at the right wing and the GOP and conservatives in the Democratic party, including Obama who would sell his soul to appease religious cultists who have his ear, rather than put aside his personal beliefs and support our full equality.

  • Landon Bryce

    Here’s what we say the next time they tell us they need to pass health care first:

    “You want to pass health care first so that you have an excuse to exclude gay people from the reforms that are necessary. Do you understand how much worse health care is for gay people than for straight people? Will you guarantee that the president will not sign any health care reform that gives any benefit to straight people or straight couples that is not explicitly extended to gay people?”

    And, Brian, if you don’t want to appear bigoted, use the adjective form rather than the noun form.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    ‘M’ as in Muhawuhaha?

  • Bruce

    What, so standing for Palestinian rights and gay rights at the same time is a no-no? I know… Hamas and the like aren’t big on gays, but wonder why people vote them in? Because of the crap that Israel pulls day after day year after year. So yeah, Rahm Emmanuel is Zionist scum.

    He’s also a back stabbing moderate that from all I hear destroyed the public option and HCR. Well, everyone knows as soon as Obama let him in he nixed the public option, that’s not a secret. But his bungling of HCR is so epic one thinks it must be intentional. Note, scum like Emmanuel and Lieberman have no problem running us into debt to prop up Israel and their war crimes, but when it comes time to take care of us, these Zionists say we just can’t afford it. Of course, brand new F-15s, missile defense systems, ships and any array of military hardware so Israel can bomb a school or a few ramshackle huts in the gaza strip? Spare no expense!

    If the day ever comes that Emmanuel is tossed out of this administration… it will be a great one. Personally, I’m not voting Obama in 2012 if Emmanuel is still there. I’d rather have a McCain type then a faux-progressive like Obama (personally I think Obama is good but people like Emmanuel are screwing him up – it’s possible) who does nothing more then destroy people’s faith in progressive ideals.

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