Raise Your Hand If You’re A Disappointing Gay Best Friend

Does your best girl friend have the wrong idea of the role you play in her life? That you’re not there to tell her how fabulous she looks, or what the latest Lady Gaga track means to you, or that you’re totally gonna rock out with some drag queens tonight? Then you’re a disappointing gay best friend.

Gays have so many expectations to live up to in their friendships. Sure, we expect our straight girls to always have foundation to cover a skin blemish or an extra pair of jeggings for a quick trip to grab smokes, but but what do we do for them? Clearly, not enough.

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  • JH

    Bwahahahahaha!!!!! Love it!

  • RomanHans

    > Sure, we expect our straight girls to always have . . . an
    > extra pair of jeggings for a quick trip to grab smokes

    Please confirm that this is someone’s attempt at postmodern humor. Thank you.

  • NateB79

    This is probably the worst thing I’ve ever seen. I have lost all faith in humanity now.

  • asa1973

    I think this is hilarious…but also a little sad because all my girlfriends expect me to be that gay best friend who is not so disappointing. It can be exhausting…

  • Joetx

    * raises hand *

    I’ve met plenty a straight girl who, upon discovering that I’m gay, gets all excited, dreaming about clothes shopping & unloading their hetero man drama on me.

    Alas, when I make it known that I’m not interested b/c, you know, I have a life, they get very disappointed, as if I pissed into their cosmo or something.

    I guess they expect us to basically be a woman w/ a dick.

  • Shannon1981

    This is why I’ve never thought “F** hags” were a good thing. Even being a woman, I’ve had my fair share of straight dudes get fascinated and want to hang, and straight women who think I am their ticket into the gay world. They are annoying at best, and serve to do little but perpetuate stereotypes.
    I was more annoyed by this than amused. Maybe its cuz im in a bad mood, but still.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Yeah, been there. A female friend once told me straight up, “You’re the most boring gay I’ve ever met.”

    Hets love their stereotypes about us.

  • Yuki

    This is hilarious, because it’s true. I’ve had a friend or two tell me they wish I were more “gay”, so I could shop and help them with clothes.

  • hephaestion

    I once had a young woman, who was a relatively new friend, watch the movie “Trick” with me. After the movie she actually told me that I was a disappointment to her because she wanted me to be like the Steve Hayes character in “Trick” singing “Como te gusta mi pinga?” Apparently some women only want their gay friends singing and flitting about. Nothing ay all wrong with that, but that’s not my natural inclination. I never saw her again.

  • Danny

    I think Tyler is HOT!!!!!! I have always wanted to be with a sexy red-head! And these videos are pretty funny!

  • Dandy Dan

    @RomanHans: You must be so sophisticated. I guess this “post modern” humor is just beneath you, right?

  • Dandy Dan

    Stereotypes are in fact based on trends in real life, that is why when I want to go shopping I like to bring a Gay Asian Jew so that I know I am going with someone who knows fashion, can calculate discounts and will get me the best deals!

  • Dandy Dan

    @NateB79: Wow, it took these short videos to push you over the edge? How is it possible that you got through any of the elections without that happening? What about the church that boycotts at military funerals, or the ongoing denial of marriage in many states, or students harassing other students publicly causing some to commit suicide, and this is parody is what caused your loss of faith in humanity? Perhaps you should consider increasing your meds.

  • Dandy Dan

    @hephaestion: If this person was serious it’s probably best you never saw her again, she obviously has mental issues, on the other hand it may have been her unsophisticated way of saying “I like you and want to be close friends” and “my life is boring and wish I could have that kind of freedom and closeness in a relationship with you.” It’s not so offensive that someone wants that kind of relationship with another person. The same thing happens to some people when they see a love story, they want that emotional connection in their own life.

  • Dandy Dan

    @Joetx: Those people are probably not pissed that you don’t want to be a stereotype, they are probably pissed because they think you are a jerk. So when they start in with their drama and you say I have a life and it does not include listening to your drama it really doesn’t even need translation but I will try. “I am either too self absorbed or bitter about something in my own life to care about your feelings or developing a relationship with you as a friend or anything else”.

  • j

    @Dandy Dan: Spot on. Also we’ve all been here, love my girlfriends and I’m just as comfortable clothes shopping and helping them pick out underwear as I am drinking pints in the pub and playing pool. Can’t we all just get over ourselves and realise that not everything in the world is black and white?

  • Mell

    @Dandy Dan- so apparently anyone who didn’t like this video or gets pissed at having to be a gay stereotype to straight folks all the damn time annoys you…. I thought the videos were funny, but I get why certain people were simply irked. When straight people only look at queer people in a stereotypical way it makes them lazy and ignorant and it is aok to be pissed at them. Don’t get why you felt the need to individually bash everyone who didn’t find these videos amusing.

  • CJ

    To those offended, isn’t the point of these videos to make fun of the idea of a gay best friend? Why would you be offended at something that shows the ridiculousness of a stereotype? (I thought this was hilarious)

  • Shannon1981

    @Mell: Thank you. Granted I am a PMSing bitch today, so everything is on my nerves. But I am damn sick of straight people and their fucking stereotypes about us. I had a chic at school the other day ask me where my buzz cut was. When I simply stared at her, she proceeded to ask me if I could replace her car battery. Like, WTF? Its a pc programming class. We are two of only 3 girls in a class of 24. Doesn’t she realize all the dudes in there are more likely to be able to help her? And mind you, this is a chic who has been in many of my classes and has never spoken two words to me except to ask ignorant questions that reek of stereotypes about lesbians. So, to that end, I am up to my eyeballs in fury at this shit. I will never allow a straight person to attach himself or herself to me in this way. It’s insulting.

  • Tommy Marx

    I am blessed. I have two best girl friends who have never asked me for advice on their hair or clothes, never treat me like I’m “the gay”, and I love and trust them completely. We talk about everything from work to politics to TV to whatever. We’re actually, believe it or not, friends.

    Anytime I’ve been around someone who wanted me to be that wonderful gay stereotype we all know and love (which has been rare, fortunately – I’m not a man that hangs around with idiots much), I’ve been very gentle and comforting. “You just missed him,” I let them know. “That was Gay #154. But if you wait right here, Gay #155 is scheduled to be here next Tuesday. Good luck!”

  • Sexy Rexy

    I got rid of most of my str8 gfs save for one.

  • Dandy Dan

    @Mell: I think you misunderstood me, I thought these videos were lame and uninspired. I do think that many people take them far too seriously though. Why anyone would look at a comical set of videos and try to critique them based on social injustice is just not getting the purpose or too stuffy for any comedy.

  • Dandy Dan

    @RomanHans: Postmodern Humor is defined as funny only because someone else thinks its funny, however, this is supposed to be funny because it is a play on stereotypes. Just because you include “postmodern” does not make you sophisticated or smart. It makes you a douche.

  • sidewalk

    As long as it’s straight people defining who gay people are, and then gays agreeing or disagreeing, we’ll never move forward.

    Reject this nonsense.

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