Watch: Raja and Raven's 'Fashion Photo Ruview' Gets Animated!

Raja Raven Fashion Photo RuView Animated Arabia Felix

Arabia Felix, the creative mind behind animations of some of the most memorable parts of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6, is back with a new animation! This time she has taken World of Wonder’s popular web series ‘Fashion Photo Ruview’ and turned it into a sickening animation!

By taking sound bites from past episodes of the series, Arabia has been able to give us a whole new (and hilarious) take on the show. She takes photos of some bad looks from Drag Race history and completely toots them the house down! We must say, she does get a little toot happy… but then again, Raja and Raven have been pretty toot happy since switching to critiquing queens that they know…

C’mon ‘Fashion Photo Ruview,’ let’s get animated!

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