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For The Record, Nico Tortorella Is Bisexual, Not “Sexually Fluid”


Younger’s Nico Tortorella is profiled in Vulture this week, where we find him feeding pigeons Lucky Charms in Manhattan’s Tompkins Square Park and opening up about his sexuality, his past battles with drugs and alcohol, and why he never wants to marry another man.

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Besides the fact that he has a propensity to talk about moon cycles and has an unusually fervid interest in the healing power of crystals, here are a few takeaways from the story, in his own words.

On the first time he hooked up with a man: 

This is going to sound fucked, but I knew that he was really struggling. And I was like, Look, if I hook up with him, maybe it will make things easier for him.

We hooked up. There was no assplay at all. It was just dick-to-mouth here. He was shaken up about it and I was like, ‘It’s fine. What happened last night doesn’t make you the person that you are. Why are you putting so much weight on it?’ And when that happened, I was like, Oh, I’m thinking about this differently than everyone else is thinking about it.

On how he identifies (“I never labeled myself as sexually fluid,” he says): 

The more I’m having these conversations, the more comfortable I am identifying as bisexual. I’ve been so hesitant about using the word for so long, because it does have a negative connotation in our generation. People fought for so long for that ‘B’ in LGBT, and I refuse to be the person that’s going to throw that away because I think I have a more colorful word.


On society’s views of sexuality and race: 

The only way to move to a genderless, raceless society is if everybody, across the board, (a) stops being an asshole, and (b) stops being so fucking sensitive.

On same-sex marriage: 

Ultimately, in my fluidity, at the end of the day I never could see myself marrying a man. I could never see myself having kids with a man. I don’t even like hanging out with dudes for the most part.

On drug and alcohol binges: 

Once you’re blacked out, there’s not enough cocaine in the world that can take you off it. There was one point where I was so fucked up, I woke up hung-over, I called the IV doctor to come to my apartment, and I hooked up the drip for like an hour. As soon as it was done, I bought a bag of coke and had a handle of fucking whiskey and started all over again. Living the Hollywood dream.


On why he got sober: 

I definitely got into the underbelly of Hollywood. When you’re living the celebrity life and not working at the same time, shit can go dark real fast. I was drinking almost all day, every day, and hurting people that I love. I knew I was going to die at one point. I wanted to die at one point, and that was what made me turn around.

You can read the article in its entirety HERE

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