Redskins Quarterback Wants Michael Sam “To Follow Jesus”

140209210505-michael-sam-senior-bowl-horizontal-galleryKirk Cousins is pretty much exactly that kind of person. The kind who says “homosexual lifestyle,” and suggests that openly gay Michael Sam is only really a valuable person because he is good at football, and then says he would like to show Sam “what it means to follow Jesus.”

Oh thank you Kirk Cousins, that is so nice of you. And when you are done, maybe Michael will show you what it is like to follow him into a gay bar, and you will both have learned about each other. Get thee behind me!

This is the same sort of “charitable” attitude that leads missionaries to be like, “oh, hey, look, a new and different culture! Let’s do them the favor of wiping out their heritage and making them be more like us.”

So it’s probably no surprise that Cousins works for a company that is named for a wildly offensive colonialist slur.

Anyway, thank but no thanks, Kirk Cousins. And hey, were you aware that many gay people already consider themselves followers of Jesus? The more you know.

Oh and here’s another a fun fact: last year Kirk described Mary Magdalene as “a prostitute who had seven demons inside her.” Are you sure you’re not thinking of Sigourney Weaver in Ghostbusters?