Regime Change In France Could Bring Gay Rights

We think it would be great to live in a country where 60% of the population is in favor of same-sex marriage. Perhaps if that were the case in the U.S., it would be legal by now. In France those are the actual numbers, but President Jacques Chirac and his administration are vehemently against gay marriage and adoption.


Enter potential challenger in the 2007 elections Segolene Royal, the likely recipient of the Socialist Party nomination. Ms. Royal has recently become the first high-ranking French politician to fully support gay marriage and adoption rights though she herself has never wed the father of her four children, calling marriage a “bourgeois institution.” We are inclined to agree with her, but we applaud her efforts to make the bourgeois institution available to all French citizens.

Watch out President Chirac: the Socialists are coming, and they shouldn’t be understimated. Look what happened in Spain! With all the gay weddings happening there since Prime Minister Zapatero took over, we’re surprised that Spain hasn’t been severed from Europe by God-sent earthquakes and fissures.

French Presidential Contender Calls For Gay Marriage [365 Gay]