Remembering Bea Arthur

Gay icon, statuesque comedienne, expert of the droll comeback: Bea Arthur didn’t just stand above her peers, she was the tent pole of a whole generation of comedy. Arthur died Saturday, peacefully in her sleep, according to a family spokesperson. For gays and lesbians, Arthur leaves behind a legacy as a beloved icon, perhaps best remembered as Dorothy on The Golden Girls, the acerbic and stoic schoolteacher who cared for her elderly mother with the help of her close friends. Here are some of our favorites moments of Bea. We hope you’ll share your own memories of Bea in the comments.

Remember the 70’s, Bea-style.

Bea Arthur as Carrie Bradshaw. Two icons for the price of one!

Bea in the world’s most awful TV movie ever– The Star Wars Holiday Special!

Bea with Angela Lansbury singing “Bosum Buddies” from Mame.

Bea with her real-life adopted son, Matthew Saks (he’s the shorter one) on The Golden Girls.

Bea, thanks for the memories.