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Rep. Chris Lee Also Had A Thing For Transgender Hookers?

So it looks like cis ladies weren’t the only thing ex-Rep. Chris Lee, the married New York Republican father who resigned this month amidst his Craigslist scandal, was looking for. Two trans women (one of them a sex worker) claim he also propositioned them — through Craigslist — for some extra curricular services.

Women calling themselves Fiona and Holly (a prostitute) discovered they were communicating not with a random john, but a federal lawmaker, the same way the original woman did: by plugging in his email address into Facebook and finding out he had a wife and kid. Cheating family values politicos are awful. But stupid cheating family values politcos? That just makes me laugh. And cry. Silly Mr. Lee also allegedly posted his own Craigslist ad, saying, “New to area. Very fit classy, successful guy. 39, 6ft 190lbs, blond/blue. smooth hard body. Looking for a sexy ts/cd that i can spoil. I promise not to disappoint.”

“TS/CD,” of course, refers to “transexual/cross-dresser.”

But these two women’s stories, while unconfirmed but the still-silent ex-congressman, do provide some explanation for why Lee didn’t try to weather the sex scandal storm: there were so many more scintillating stories out there, none of which GOP leadership wanted to me marred in.

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  • DavyJones

    Well this is all very sound and convincing evidence… Oh wait, not its not

  • VaJeena

    Apparently transpeople are good enough to have sex with, but not good enough to enjoy equal protection under the law. Hooray for family “values” hypocrites!

  • Francis

    Of course. There is a reason he resigned so quickly. And this just further adds to the hypocrisy. As VaJeena put it, he doesn’t mind having sex with a transperson or a fem man when he gets something (ie. sexual pleasure) out of it, but in public it’s like we aren’t human. Wonder HOW many more of these losers need to be exposed before people put 2+2 together. Those who talk loudest have the most to hide.

  • scott ny'er

    god i hope this is true. I LOVE the hypocrisy. And love it more when the hypocrites get caught. I hope it’s true AND gets major media publicity.

  • Shannon1981

    HaHa! Busted! Plenty of politicians have cheated on their wives and stayed in office. I knew this had to be an extra special case, and now we know what it is. Oh happy day. I want this smeared all over CNN.

  • Jeffree

    If my married next-door neighbor dude wanted to have sex with “TS/CD” people, I don’t care. No big dëal. That’d be between him & his wife. And who ever he’s playing with…

    But my neighbor’s NOT a politician and not responsible for drafting & voting for legislation affecting my rights. So Chris Lee = much bigger deâl.

    Big difference, there.

    p.s.: Hi neighbor dude. If you’re reading this, you’re totally hawt, lol ! More tight tee shirts, por favor.

  • Max the Communist

    This makes me smile inside. May all tea partiers meet such embarrassing and scandal-ridden ends!

  • TTime

    Well, Max, since you’re a Communist of course you wish bad ends for all your “enemies.” Since I’m a homosexual and care more about same-sex rights, I’ll wish the best for the Tea Parties since they’re more pro gay-rights than not.

  • greenmanTN

    @TTime: “I’ll wish the best for the Tea Parties since they’re more pro gay-rights than not”?

    Out of curiosity, what’s the weather like on your planet?

    I’d really love for you to follow up that absolute humdinger of a lie with links that support it in the slightest. I won’t hold my breath though, because poll after after poll has shown that if you look inside the Tea Party they are exactly the same regressive political troglodytes they appear to be on the surface.

  • Justwow

    Well there was the twist I was asking for. Hoo I need to wish for bigger things next time…

  • Harbo

    This guy is a hypocrite, scumbag, sicko, unfaithfuil husband and shitty father. But he’s hot.

  • redball

    @Harbo: LOL at “but he’s hot.”

    After that litany of qualifiers, I’d prefer “meretricious” to “hot.”

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