Rep. Jared Polis Is Going To Get A Makeover From GQ. He Needs It.

polis_bowtieRep. Jared Polis is a smart politician. He is not a smart dresser. The only openly gay parent in Congress, the Colorado Democrat recently showed up on the House floor dressed in a purple polo shirt and a bow tie, singlehandedly destroying the stereotype of the gay man as fashion conscious.

When a reporter tweeted the image to his followers, Polis got a raft of snide commentary (all of it deserved, alas). “And it looks like a clip on,” one comment read. “No squiriting lapel flower?” asked another.

GQ saw Polis’s wardrobe failure as a cry for help. The magazine has offered to give Polis a makeover. 

“Am I having a seizure? Can someone make it stop?” wrote GQ writer Dennis Tang. “We can help. You should let us help you. Because seriously, forget immigration reform. Keep this up, and I’m going Ted Cruz 2016, straight up,”

Fittingly, Polis accepted in a tweet. Said Polis: “I accept and am looking forward to the consultation!!

Intervention might be more like it.