Rep. Steve King Is So Mad About Keving Jennings, He’s Going to Write a Letter


Because national politics is like grade school recess — bullies, timeouts, and apologies, plus an occasional swing on the monkey bars — Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King joins Fox News in calling for the resignation of safe school czar and homosexual former teacher Kevin Jennings. And lest you think it’s merely because King, a virulent homophobe, wants Jennings gone simply because “the totality of his life has been the promotion of homosexuality, and much of it within education,” you are wrong!


Jennings simply lacks the background in fighting drugs in school, and for that Obama should fire him.

Oh, but the gay stuff is pretty bad too.

Which is why King says he’s going to get other members of Congress to join him in writing a letter to Obama demanding Jennings’ head. But we should warn King: Letters to Obama are known for going straight into the shredder.