Report: “Straight, White, Male Christians Are The Most Oppressed In Today’s Society”

Michael Savage

It’s been awhile since we’ve tuned in to the inchoate prattle of Michael Savage, professional hate-monger and host of radio program The Savage Nation.

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The mordant talking head, whose real name is the significantly less kicky Michael Alan Weiner, went on a rambling tirade on a recent episode of his program, defending men accused of sexual harassment, and claiming his people are the ones being ganged-up on by an unfeeling people:

“The most oppressed member of society, as I’ve said it before and I’m willing to stand by this again — the most ridiculed, the most oppressed member of society today is the straight, heterosexual, white, male Christians! Period! Period, end of story. Open season! The butt of every joke! Every advertisement shows them as a fool! You don’t hear that though too often, do you? It’s sickening, it can make you sick. The whole world’s upside down. It’s all a big lie.”

But where are these Christian-bashing commercials? We’re not entirely sure, but we have some guesses:

1. This Upsetting Chuck Wagon Dog Food Commercial, Which Claims “Dogs Just Love The Soft, Meat-like Chunks”: 

2. This X-Tra Pine Commercial Starring Arthur Napiontek As The Bikini-Clad “Cleaning Hunk” Probably Hates Christians:

3. We Have It On Good Authority This 1973 British PSA Loathes Christians:

4.We Think We Remember Hearing That Shasta Was Marketed As “The Pop Beverage For Christian-Haters of Discerning Taste”: 

5. This “Freedom Rock” Commercial Tries To Make Its Anti-Christian Agenda Subliminal. Nice Try, Dirty Hippies:

It’s not the first time Savage has poised himself as a stubborn voice of unreason. Past hits have included admitting same-sex marriage makes him puke, claiming gay oral “increases” throat cancer, andtheir souls and their minds, it knows their bodies will follow.”

You can curl up to his latest creepshow here: 

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