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Republicans Will Predict The Future On Thursday

The Republican Party will unveil its new “Contract with America” on Thursday, which is an exciting development because until then I really don’t know what the GOP stands for, because Meghan McCain, Sarah Palin, and Christine O’Donnell keep telling me different things. Among the things to expect: “House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio), for instance, has called for a two-year freeze in tax rates and a reduction in spending to 2008 levels. … Republicans have also pressed for repeal of the healthcare reform law, and for replacing it with new reforms. Some GOP figures have also called for repealing Wall Street reform.”

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  • CJ

    I really don’t know what Democrats OR Republicans stand for anymore.

    Reid? I think that he just wants to get re-elected.

    Pelosi? She seems to have disappeared. I guess she knows what’s coming in Nov.

    Obama? I’m really not sure where he stands on anything anymore. It always changes. I just know that he is against the Republicans, the last Administration, etc. In regards to gays, he’s certainly not much of an advocate.

    Republicans? Not much changed here either.

    Please, tell me that it’s all just a bad dream.

  • whatever

    @CJ: You don’t sound very bright, no offense. A politican wants to get re-elected??? Stop the presses.

    Tell me what the Repukes are about though. I’d like to hear. You seem to have held your fire for them.

  • whatever

    Also, Harry Reid is bring the DADT vote in the Senate. McConnell nor any Republican would do that. McCain is threatening to shut down the Senate over it.

    But Republicans and Dems are exactly the same and you don’t know what each stands for. Did I mention that you aren’t too bright?

  • Chuck

    Anyone who saw what the Moral Voters Summit that selected Palpadine Mike Pence in their presidential straw pole could easily see that the gays are still a primary target of Republican hate. Republicans rallied with songs made popular by Glee to shout messages of repealing the ‘gay agenda’ and are back to their same old blame it all on the gays routine. Never forget, my friends, all of the vitriol we saw from dozens of Republicans speaking out against the Matthew Shepherd Act. Boner and Pence along with that woman from North Carolina who looks like a chicken tried to get traction behind the idea that beating and killing gays was protected as a freedom of expression.

    Please vote for gay rights this November! If nothing else, vote to negate the vote of any bigot you may know.

  • tjr101

    Another contract to ripoff Americans?

  • wompman

    Sorry Whatever, but Reid just happily chucked gay people under the bus with his ill-timed, idiotic DADT “vote.” It will now be several years (at best) before there is even an inch of movement on that issue.

    Republicans suck beyond measure and are actively hostile toward gay Americans. Democrats will take our cash and votes and give us absolutely nothing in return. Yes, given the choice to eat a rancid cupcake and one baked out of shit I’ll take the useless Democrats over extremist anti-gay Repubs, but we need to know that politicians will never help us, therefore we are on our own.

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