Bad idea

In response to coronavirus, gay sauna refuses entry to people who are ‘too hot’

Coronavirus has disrupted daily life in unprecedented ways, with everything from national borders to restaurants to gyms closing down temporarily.

And on the other end of the response spectrum, there’s 357 Sydney City Steam, the Australian gay sauna staying open but advertising that entry will be denied to anyone who’s “too hot.”

The club jokes on Facebook that it’s “the first sauna in Australia to not allow you entry if your [sic] too hot,” which would almost be funny if it wasn’t so irresponsible.

The business’ answer to safety is to take the temperatures of all prospective patrons and screen out those with fevers.

So far, the owner reports, everyone has been glad to comply.

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“At 357 we want you to feel safe,” a post from the sauna reads. “So every client will have a non-touch ‘gun thermometer’ test to make sure you have no fever before entering our venue.

“It takes one second on entry. So play safe and with confidence. We care about you at your venue 357. We have done all we can do to ensure your safety and cruise with confidence so we look after each other.”

The sauna adds that it has upped its cleanliness regime, placing hand sanitizers around the venue and disinfecting surfaces more often. They’ve also put up posters to remind people to wash their hands often and keep coughs and sneezes covered.

Not mentioned in the bathhouse’s statements is the fact that medical experts warn people can be infected and highly contagious while exhibiting no symptoms, so please think twice about your own risks and the risks of community members around you.

Australia has seen nearly 300 cases of COVID-19 and five deaths as of Monday.