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Richard Finch Lands 7-Year Prison Contract For Molesting Teenage Boys

Richard Finch, the former KC and the Sunshine Band bassist, pleaded no contest to various crimes — including unlawful sexual conduct with a minor — related to charges that he lured young boys back to his home and sexually assaulted them. Arrested in March, Finch has confessed to sex acts involving boys aged 13-17, whom Finch told, “The music industry is all about sex and drugs. If you tell your parents, they’re going to … freak out, they are older and they are not in the business.” He was sentenced to seven years in prison after telling the judge he takes “responsibility 100 percent. … I am very proud of the legacy in the music business that I have created, but sadly because of my stupidity while under the influence of alcohol, I will not be remembered for that contribution and, rather, I will be remembered for this unfortunate moment in time,” Finch said. “It is my own fault and I will work hard to regain trust and respect from those I let down, including myself.”

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  • Fitz

    Que the moronic prison rape jokes…

  • Jason L.

    And this is on a gay blog because?….we’ve all long suspected Queerty writers are homophobic, but you’d think they would do a better job of covering their own tracks.

  • dvlaries

    @Jason L.: Factor in the unexplained dropping of ‘Morning Goods’ and you may on to something. Like it or hate it (and sometimes some of each) it had the highest daily view count every single day.

  • dvlaries

    (There should be a ‘be’ in that one above.)

    This one really stops me in my tracks. I’ve still got my lifelong collection of 45s, numbering over six thousand, and every significant hit on the T.K. label of Florida, whether a Sunshine Band or George McCrae side, reads “Harry Wayne Casey, Richard Finch” on the writers line. The two men, in the 1970s, contributed some of the best good-time music of that decade.

    It is a pity this talented man didn’t get help before he committed crimes. He’s going to jail as he deserves to, but at least he admits his wrongdoing and doesn’t pretend not to understand the dreadfulness of his actions, as many a molester would.

    This news, added to what we’ve heard this week about the state of Aretha’s health makes me feel very old.

  • Loni Reeder

    As Mr. Finch’s publicist, knowing the intricate details of this matter (and having been in the courtroom at sentencing), the public is still only getting one side of this unfortunate situation. A new attorney was immediately appointed to Mr. Finch after sentencing and a Motion for Appeal has been filed so that we may have a REAL opportunity to go into a court of law and reveal the actual and FACTUAL details of this matter. I encourage everyone interested in Mr. Finch’s case to go to, as the most current and FACTUAL information will be posted there as we go forward. Thank you.

  • justiceontherocks

    Loni, Did he have sex with 13 year old boys or not? If he did it’s not a real good idea to reopen this thing.

  • Loni Reeder

    @justiceontherocks: He absolutely, 100 percent did NOT have sex with 13 year old boys (and this is even reflected in the discovery in the grand jury report) – but what he did have was disinterested counsel. This was evident in court, and I am sure is the reason why a new attorney and the motion for appeal was immediately granted. Judges seldom do this on their own rulings, but this was an immediate action by the presiding judge upon my written request (and you have to request this within 30 days of the ruling in the State of Ohio, or forever lose the road to an appeal – appeals are not automatically issued).

    Tragically, Rick now sits in prison in general population as preparations for appeal are underway – which could take a year, fearful for his life at every turn. The prison system in Ohio is barbaric – with corrections officers to be feared more than those you are housed with. Inmates are threatened by these officers, just for asking for a roll of toilet paper when they’ve run out.

  • justiceontherocks

    The prison system everywhere is barbaric. I wish your client well. The confession will be tough to overcome.

  • Loni Reeder

    Interestingly enough, it wasn’t even a confession, per se – but that too will come out if there is a trial this go-around. To use an example, by archaic laws which exist on the books in the State of Ohio, did you know that if you hug someone – older or younger, doesn’t matter – if they object to the hug, it is considered a sex crime? An actual case: a man was jogging in Cleveland – another man saw him, found him attractive, yelled out a ‘you’re hot – wanna go out?’ equivalent — the jogger sought out a police officer and had the man arrested for sexual harassment. He was convicted, sentenced and now has to register as a sex offender. Another celebrity (whom I won’t name) told me that when he has to perform in Ohio, it is for the duration of the performance only and then he’s out of the state as fast as he can leave – that if you’re Gay, they go out of their way in Ohio to find a reason to harass and arrest you. I’m surprised this state and these laws are not making a bigger ripple in the media… maybe that will change now.

  • michael simmons

    Ms. Reeder, I grew up with Rick Finch but have not seen him since we were arouind 16 years old. I would very much like to contact him and if you know how could you please let him know about me and ask him if I can contact him. If you would email me I can give you my cell number. I pray he is doingwell considering the situation. I heard he was sentenced last December. Please let me know about him as I finally find how I might be able to contact him and now this. I feel terrible for him, I’m sure he is a wonderful man as when he was younger and very poor he was always a great person. I never tried contacting him for years because I felt he might feel I was hoping for money since he was quite wealthy then. I can assure you this just “IS NOT” the case today. Please let me know what ever you are able to. thank you hon.

  • pied piper

    @Jason L.: Take heart, you’re not the first troll on the internet who – for some reason – chose to use a Jewish name.

  • Loni Reeder

    @michael simmons: Michael – please drop me a note via the web site – go to where it says “Contact” – that will send an email to the general account. I can retrieve it from there and then communicate with you from my personal email. Obviously, I don’t want to give that out in a public forum. You can read a few of the letters I’ve received from him AND the wonderful comments in the guestbook… and of course, listen to just a few of the over 200 songs he arranged and produced in the studio he used to have in Ohio (now gone, because of this…). We speak on the phone daily, sometimes several times a day. While this is a horrid and unconscionable and unjust mess of barbaric proportions – and very wrongly so, I can assure you, he IS going to come out of this very much okay!

    For everyone: People in the ‘know’ know that this part of the country, and this county specifically is very backwoods and corrupt. I was contacted by a national news organization to add Rick’s story to their expose, which is getting ready to break about the police and prosecutor problems in that county.

    An additional piece of information for everyone to keep in mind:

    In “Law and Human Behavior, Vol 28, No2, April 2004” it states:

    “In a laboratory experiment, 72 participants who were guilty or innocent of a mock theft were apprehended for investigation. Motivated to avoid prosecution and trial, they were confronted by a neutral, sympathetic or hostile male ‘detective’ who sought a waiver of their Miranda rights. Later, 72 other participants watched videotapes of these sessions and answered questions about the detective and suspect. Strikingly, results showed that although the detective’s demeanor had no effect, participants who were truly innocent were significantly more likely to sign a waiver than those who were guilty. Naively believing in the power of their innocence to set them free, most waived their rights even in the hostile detective condition, where the risk of interrogation was apparent.”

    Bottom line: Just because you read that people confess to crimes does not mean that it’s true.

    Everyone should also get a copy of “False Justice” – written by Jim and Nancy Petro (Jim is the former Attorney General for the State of Ohio and has also exposed the problem in that state of false confessions, tampered-with DNA, etc.). I have been communicating with them, and have been commended for my work in further exposing the injustice in that state.

    Because of all of the positive things that have happened, Rick and I both view this journey as a means to fight a greater injustice, as well as being a voice for those who have been grossly mistreated by the system.

    Because of Rick being in prison, a 50-something man now knows how to read and write (because Rick took the time to help him learn). His family, who could not afford the ‘$20 for every 15 minute phone call’ that they charge via GTL to further destroy families can now communicate with their loved one via the mail.

    Because of Rick, a 26 year old’s self esteem improved enough for him to value his own life and future and to get his GED and to set an example for his baby girl once he gets out.

    This does not EVEN scratch the surface of lives he has changed behind the walls – and the letters I’ve received from inmates and their families are a testament to Rick’s new calling.

    He is not referred to as “Inmate Finch” – but as “Mr. Finch” by everyone, those incarcerated and those in charge. He is not boastful – he does not flaunt his past success – he just carries himself with dignity, does not participate in gangs or watch filth on TV. He conducts bible studies for those who are interested, works in the kitchen five days a week from 3 a.m. to 7 a.m. (LOVES the early rise thing) – keeps himself presentable and clean and does not succumb to the mindset that breaks most men in that environment. The entire climate of the prison has turned around, due to his example.

    Though he should not be there… Rick believes that it was meant for him to have this journey to help others, which to him, is more important than making a hit record.

    … and hopefully, from what we have both learned from this experience, it will enable us to implement programs in prisons nationwide – because the system is so broken and there are no funds to make the necessary internal ‘human’ repairs. But it IS something that can be learned by those inside who have the interest and capacity to mentor and ‘pay it forward’ to those they will eventually leave behind upon their release – and it will be an amazing program when we’re finished putting the finishing touches on it!

    Rick would prefer THAT to be his legacy over any Grammy Award he’s received. I so admire the man that he is and has grown into even more so now, in spite of the worst label that can be hung on a human being.

    He WILL triumph over this. I have absolutely no doubt.

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