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Richard Simmons hospitalized again, this time for “severe indigestion”

On Monday, Richard Simmons reportedly went to the hospital for “severe indigestion,” according to one of his reps.

TMZ reports Simmons has been battling “discomfort while eating” for the last few days, and finally decided the situation was dire enough to receive professional care.

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Talking to ABC News, rep Michael Catalono claims Simmons’ condition had already vastly improved and he was expected to fully recover.

TMZ sources say a “gastrointestinal issue” isn’t quite serious enough to warrant an ambulance, so Simmon’s assistants drove him to the hospital.

It’s the second time in the last several months he’s received hospital care.

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Last summer, the reclusive fitness guru spent three days at Cedars-Sinai after his housekeeper said he was speaking incomprehensibly.

At the time, his people said it was due to a simple case of dehydration.