Ricky Martin Is Not Having Miss Peru’s Homophobic Foolishness

In a recent interview, Cindy Mejia, the reigning Miss Peru, indicated she wouldn’t have to worry about having a gay kid because her children will be raised by a mother and father and won’t be molested.


Ay, que estupida!


Speaking with Peru21, Mejia said she wouldn’t have a gay child “because these things happen perhaps because a child grew up without a father, or was molested, or lived with his mother and sisters became effeminate.”

She went on to elaborate that in any case, the man up stairs has her back. “I’m not too keen on the subject. The day I have my children I will entrust them to God completely, will raise them with care with a father and mother and support them completely, because there should always be communication.”

Over the weekend, Ricky Martin took a break from dazzling audiences at Evita to check Miss Thing, tweeting (in Spanish), “What a shame! Such foolish comments. Total ignorance.”

Realizing a shitstorm was a-brewing, Mejia issued an apology, saying that “Due to my lack of knowledge of this topic, I made an error and it won’t happen again. I apologize if these comments contributed to discrimination or violence against the LGBT community. As a representative of Peruvian beauty, I promise to devote myself to fight against homophobia and ‘machismo’.”

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  • Carlos

    Gays of the World,

    let’s screw up that stupid bitch!

  • Sukhrajah


    I understand and empathize, but don’t believe that violence is the answer.

    She has either learned (about the ignorance of her comment), or was pressured by a significant person or group to recant and apologize for her statement.

    That’s progress.

    Will she make the mistake again? Highly unlikely. If she does, then she will have no ‘I apologize for my ignorance’ defense.

    Either way, I think that she has learned her lesson, and it’s guys like us – every one of us, standing up and calling out homophobia where and when we see it, that’s going to change the world.

  • keoki3

    Good thing the “man upstairs” has your back, ’cause Ms. Martin will cut a bitch!

  • Frank

    Beauty queens from Peru will be beauty queens from Peru

  • Sohobod

    Yeah. Let’s hug everyone.
    Sorry, I’m just going off to be sick.

  • Miss Coco Peru

    This could have been avoided if the world saw me as the “reigning” Miss Peru… just sayin’

  • Hector

    Where is Peru?

  • Fergus

    @Miss Coco Peru: You are the ONLY Miss Peru in my book!

  • Chad

    She probably realized she could loose her crown. But hey she did apologize so that makes everything ok. I am kind of tired of these people who say hurtful hateful things then turn around and say “oh i’m sorry” then everyone thinks it’s all cool.

  • Tomas

    You got that right Honey!!!!!!

  • F Stratford

    Well she did apologize
    On top of that promised to fight homophobia

    So it’s not just An “I’m sorry you feel that way” kind of non apology.

    Maybe we should giver her a chance to prove it?

  • James

    @Hector. Peru is about a block south of Pasadena Wyoming.

  • F Stratford

    I would like to commend Ricky Martin though for being visible in the Latin community. I know he is no longer as famous as he was but it helps to have someone like him on our team.

  • Rory

    “Miss Peru” should be so lucky as to have a son who grows up to be as talented, handsome, sexy and yes, gay as Ricky Martin. How long before we see this humble “representative of Peruvian beauty” LOL starring in her own “It gets better video”?

  • Flick

    Well, I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. She very likely grew up in a very conservative environment, and obviously does not quite understand what it is like to grow up as a gay male. From what I understand, Peru is very conservative outside its major cities, and one is bound to pick up some misinformation along the way. At least we aren’t seeing another rendition of Carrie PRejean, who just dug her heels in further, and made herself into some kind of a martyr (although her Jesus says posing for nudie pictures is ok). Best of luck to all the MU contestants this year!

  • Chris

    @Miss Coco Peru: For this comment only, queerty needs a like button, rarely have I seen truer words written on Queerty. There should be only one Miss Peru.

  • Chris

    @Sukhrajah: I genuinely don’t believe that Carlos was advocating violence…doyou think violence is the only way the gay community could screw up a beauty queen? Where do you think all those dresses come from? And who do you think applies the layers of paint and hair?
    She may end up the only “representative of Peruvian beauty” doing her own hair, and in a dress from the Peruvian equivalent of Loehmann’s

  • Global Traveler

    The thing is that people say these stupid things, suffer an unexpected (by them put altogether too predictable) backlash and then apologize and ask for forgiveness.

    What people seem to forget is that no has to accept an apology or offer forgiveness. It’s sort of up to the person wronged at that point.

  • Macmantoo

    Sad as it is, there are a lot of people who still believe in this. You have this person with her ignorant comment and the Chick a fil CEO with his stupid comment and you wonder where the hell have these people have had their heads for the last 10 years a least. Sorry but you can’t fix stupid.

  • Belize

    @Hector: Unfortunately, feigning ignorance in this case does not make such a statement irrelevant; it only makes you seem out of your league.

  • vireyda

    I’ve met people who honestly believe the molested thing. My sister once a had a coworker discover she was a lesbian and tell her “Oh I’m so sorry that happened to you!” It took them ages of conversation for my sister to figure out the coworker had learned somewhere along the way that lesbians become lesbians when their fathers molest them as children.

    So it’s disgusting and ignorant that she said it, but at least she recanted when told differently. Since she didn’t make standard non apology apology, I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt at least. If people in Canada (where my sister is) and the US (where I am) can believe that nonsense, not such a stretch that it’s being taught even more effectively in places like Peru.

  • kayo

    @Sukhrajah: There’s no ignorance in this case, she knew what she was saying and recanted because she had to. period.

  • sheena

    she apologized coz shes gonna lose her crown PERIOD AND ITS HER DREAM TO JOIN MISS U!!!….that ignorant bitch

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    I lol’d so hard X)

  • Robert in NYC

    And the hate groups like NOM et al will say she was pressured by the “Gay Agenda”.


    Yes, but don`t forget she is BLOODY Catholic :-( WTF.

  • Mark

    Ugly on the inside can never be erased.

  • Miss Coco Peru

    Can someone please help that girl with her make-up? On a less serious note, give the girl a break. She said something stupid out of a place a ignorance and when challenged, she apologized. Carrie Prejean still hasn’t learned that lesson.

  • Miss Coco Peru

    Sorry to THE REAL MCP. I posted in jest. I do apologize. Please forgive me your loveliness!

  • Analog

    OMG, was that really Miss Coco Peru!!???
    Love you! x

    re Cindy Mejia: it’s amazing how quickly people like this say one thing absolutely categorically, seemingly with unshakeable belief and then when they get a backlash they say the complete opposite. Maybe she thought her original comments would make her more popular??? Seems hard to believe.
    Very odd.

  • nineinchnail

    Brainess beauty.

  • M.

    This is all the influence Christianity. Why does no one advise her to stick her homophobic Bible in her butt? Why are gay people afraid of saying anything against an ideology that spreads homophobia?

  • m wright

    She sure is ignorant

  • goldfish

    Ahhhh screw her and The Donald

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