Ricky Martin Is Not Having Miss Peru’s Homophobic Foolishness

In a recent interview, Cindy Mejia, the reigning Miss Peru, indicated she wouldn’t have to worry about having a gay kid because her children will be raised by a mother and father and won’t be molested.


Ay, que estupida!


Speaking with Peru21, Mejia said she wouldn’t have a gay child “because these things happen perhaps because a child grew up without a father, or was molested, or lived with his mother and sisters became effeminate.”

She went on to elaborate that in any case, the man up stairs has her back. “I’m not too keen on the subject. The day I have my children I will entrust them to God completely, will raise them with care with a father and mother and support them completely, because there should always be communication.”

Over the weekend, Ricky Martin took a break from dazzling audiences at Evita to check Miss Thing, tweeting (in Spanish), “What a shame! Such foolish comments. Total ignorance.”

Realizing a shitstorm was a-brewing, Mejia issued an apology, saying that “Due to my lack of knowledge of this topic, I made an error and it won’t happen again. I apologize if these comments contributed to discrimination or violence against the LGBT community. As a representative of Peruvian beauty, I promise to devote myself to fight against homophobia and ‘machismo’.”

Oh, beauty queens—is there anything they can’t screw up?