Bon Bon Still Shakin'

Ricky Martin Proves He’s Still Very, Very Sexy With Sizzling Billboard Music Awards Performance

As the only (openly) gay performer at last night’s 2014 Billboard Music Awards, Ricky Martin had a responsibility to show the hets how it’s done, and he thankfully gave us all something to watch in an electrifying performance.

His 2014 Fifa World Cup song is called “Vida (Life)” and he’s definitely showing a lot of it up there on the stage. The only thing that could’ve made this performance better is if he did it in this costume, but we can’t get everything we want.

We remember Ricky shaking his bon bon and livin’ la vida loca way back in 1999, and we don’t know how he has managed to get sexier in the past 15 years, but we’re all about it. Plus, he put on his “serious face” and posed for the #bringbackourgirls campaign on the red carpet!

We’re just gonna go ahead and watch again, and imagine that his rumored beau was in the audience watching and plotting a joint performance for later on that night…