Bon Bon Still Shakin'

Ricky Martin Proves He’s Still Very, Very Sexy With Sizzling Billboard Music Awards Performance

As the only (openly) gay performer at last night’s 2014 Billboard Music Awards, Ricky Martin had a responsibility to show the hets how it’s done, and he thankfully gave us all something to watch in an electrifying performance.

His 2014 Fifa World Cup song is called “Vida (Life)” and he’s definitely showing a lot of it up there on the stage. The only thing that could’ve made this performance better is if he did it in this costume, but we can’t get everything we want.

We remember Ricky shaking his bon bon and livin’ la vida loca way back in 1999, and we don’t know how he has managed to get sexier in the past 15 years, but we’re all about it. Plus, he put on his “serious face” and posed for the #bringbackourgirls campaign on the red carpet!

We’re just gonna go ahead and watch again, and imagine that his rumored beau was in the audience watching and plotting a joint performance for later on that night…



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  • Billy Budd

    I only listen to classical music (especially sacred music), Billie, Ella and Chet. But I agree that this music is very fitting for the FIFA event. And he is a true star, a shining star on the stage.

  • SpunkyBunks

    Dayum he’s hot! It’s a good song. They all should have worn skimpier, more colorful outfits. Especially Ricky! Who told him to cover up?

  • Tackle

    I never thought he had a great voice, but he is a great performer. Tha was definitely electrifying and very energetic. But I wouldn’t call it sexy. And I don’t think he was trying to be. And Idid not get that he was trying to turn back the clock to 15 yrs ago, or trying to compete with today’s younger performer’s. Hence J-low
    Should take note. Ricky was just being Ricky. Giving a great performance.

  • lykeitiz

    Yum. Simply, Yum.

  • michael mellor

    I feel sorry for Ricky. He went from chart hits to chart flops. Revealing his sexuality was the worst commercial decision he ever made. Women stopped buying his music.

  • jaleoman

    Ricky Martin proves last night, why he is one of the most charismatic, and exciting live
    Performers alive ever. What a show man, I can’t help it, I truly love the man. He received an ovation last night, and
    He was considered for most of the media as” the best performer of the night”.

    In a predominantly straight, and mostly homophobic world, I give a lot of credit to Ricky, to stay on
    Top of his game as the only openly gay male artist, that still one of the most popular and Iconic artist
    In most of the world. Many of the female artist, claim to be bisexual, when is convenient for them, but they only
    Ended forming relation with the opposite sex ( makes me wonder if they were ever bi) or they
    Were just using us for attention. We need to start supporting more our openly gay make
    Celebrities : Ricky Martin, Michael Sams, Jason Collins, Adam Lambert,
    Elton John.

  • jaleoman

    @ Michael Meltor, Ricky still one of the hottest artist in most of the world, “Vida” his new World Cup song is top 5 in over 50 non Spanish speaking countries, and Adrenalina feat Jennifer Lopez has been a huge in the Latin countries, but also : Spain, Italy, Portugal, Australia, France. The video has reached almost 60 millions of view in YouTube, and reached #1, on the billboard Latin charts. Hope you are happy now, now that you are well informed, that one can be openly gay and have a successful career.

  • mgmchicago

    @michael mellor:

    yeah, can’t agree with that, his U.S. career fizzled shortly after She Bangs was released in 2000
    (Livin La Vida Loca came out in 1999)

    IMHO the mixed reception to the She Bangs MTV music video and one bad interview
    (when asked what She Bangs was about, he gave some really stupid answer that his publicist prob wrote)
    ended his US fame (don’t know why, surely he could have overcome that, but he did not)

    nonetheless, he has since continued to perform in Latin America and Europe and is still very popular and makes boatloads of $$

    he “officially” came out much later (in 2010 on Oprah)

    I have seen some of his overseas concerts on You Tube and they do seem a little lackluster
    (how many times can you sing Livin la Vida Loca and keep it fresh?)

    nice to see him above on the Billboard Music Awards looking hot and with a practiced dance routine
    (even if the moves look the same as the ones he did singing Livin la Vida Loca on the 1999 MTV Video Awards)

    would love to se him have another hit with a good song in the U.S.
    I miss the good ol days of Latin pop (Ricky, Enrique, Christina, Rob & Carlos)

  • Danny

    Hey! If you guys don’t wan’t him, I’ll be happy to take him. His a beautiful man! And I think from clues in the media he’s actually a good man as well

  • mpwaite

    Whether you like him or not, he sure has come a long way from the little boy in MENUDO… His career has spanned 30 years or more; his coming out didn’t hurt him; he has two great boys who are his life; he is centered.

  • vonric

    well, some men, like some fine wines, get better with age… and Martin displays a sense of self that is sexy as all get out that is, I think a reflection of his physical age and his maturity.. makes him hot!….

  • michael mellor

    Ricky is a very nice person but his appeal to women has waned since he revealed his homosexuality to the public. No more top ten hits on the Billboard singles charts, no more smash albums. It’s been downhill.

    This decline might have happened anyway but the undeniable fact is that as soon as he came out, he could no longer be marketed as a sex symbol to women.

  • Michaeltj

    Ricky still can’t sing but is way sexy. He would be sexier if he didn’t shave his chest!
    Once again he proves he is professonal.

  • Mezaien

    Ho Ricky, how sexy hot and sweet once can be love you man kisses AdamHomo.

  • xzall

    @michael mellor: It seems you’re only looking at the US charts. In that case the last top ten hit Ricky Martin had was in 1999 –Living La Vida Loca went to number 1 and She’s All I Ever Had went to number 2. His last top 20 was in 2000: She Bangs went to #12 and Nobody wants to be Lonely went to #13.

    He came out in 2010. If you’re paying attention that makes 10 full years where he wasn’t out and also didn’t have a top 20 US hit. So your blaming women not wanting him because he’s gay for lack of success doesn’t match reality.

    When Ricky Martin came out in 2010 it had been 4 years since he had even charted on US billboard (Tu Recuerdo in 2006). His song The Best Thing about Me is You went as high as 74 in 2010 and #1 in the US Latin chart.

    Also Ricky Martin has had other top 10’s in the US Latin charts since he came out. “Mas”, “Freak of Nature” went to #13 in 2011, Frio went to #6 and Adrenalina in 2014 went to #2 on the US Latin charts and #94 on the US charts.

    His no longer scoring top 10’s in the top 100 billboard has probably more to do with age than anything else.

  • junjun

    Ricky martin.are you happy now.?

  • DickieJohnson

    @ All Old Queens: Take a hike, b*tches! Ricky, ya eres caliente, amorcito. H-O-T, from teen-age to middle-age! What’s the Spanish for “Woof, Woof”?

  • Billy Budd

    People here are jealous of Ricky.He is a millionnaire, kept his beauty and his shape in his 40s, is still a star after hitting 40, has two adorable kids, and fucks beautiful people. They guy has everything and there are no scandals aboiut him. Acept and learn to live with that, suckers.

  • jaleoman

    @ Michael Mellor are you insane or just ignorant? You are so misinformed
    About Ricky and the music industry, why do you
    Even make fool of yourself commenting about
    Him? Typical hater bitchy queen, bashing our own
    Gay stars.

  • jaleoman

    MGM Chicago, if you want to talk about the global
    Star Ricky Martin, let’s do it. How many number one hits
    Have Ricky Martin on Billboard? How many top 20 songs have
    Ricky on Billboard charts? I am sure you have no clue.

    Ricky’s careers started as a solo artist in 1991, for
    Almost 25 years, he has achieved to stay on top
    Of the charts in Latin America, Europe, all over the
    World ( and in the Latin charts in the US), in an industry
    That still homophobic, he still packing arenas and
    Selling out stadiums all over the world.

    If your provincial ( small minded) can’t see beyond the English speaking
    People in the USA, then you should not be talking about a super star, Ricky Martin
    Was Ricky Martin before and after the few years affair that he had with the state.
    So next time you want to talk about him, do us a favor and go and inform yourself
    Better, before making the ridiculous trying to diminishing
    The career of a global star to the US market.

    Another thing, he has his amazing, unique style, that he created, that it is what makes millions of people loving him,
    So why change it? Madonna has her style, so is Michael Jackson and Celia Cruz. What a Shame that
    Ricky still selling out arenas in your country, and you are not even aware of.

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