Robbie Rogers Makes His Debut, Sets New Milestone For Gay Athletes


After signing with the Los Angeles Galaxy over the weekend, Robbie Rogers made his debut becoming the first out gay male athlete to compete in a major sports league. While the MLS is not considering among the leagues (NFL, MLB or NBA), Rogers presence on the field marked a new milestone for out athletes. Rogers debut comes after Jason Collins‘ coming out, which was considered a huge landmark in the major leagues. But not even Collins has stepped on the court since opening up.

Rogers debut was well received. He didn’t do much, but it was also his first match since he last played in England.

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 4.49.47 PM

At the end of the day Rogers was just happy to play.

“It was really perfect,” Rogers told the New York Times. “We won, which is most important. My family was here, my friends. My grandparents. I’ve kind of been on this huge journey trying to figure out my life. And now I’m back here. I think kind of where I’m supposed to be.”

[Photo: NYT]