Robinson’s Gay Nup. Strategy

Gay Anglican Bishop Gene Robinson’s upcoming nuptials get more press this morning. While we’ve all heard about Robinson’s plans, fresh new stories offers some more insight about why he planned the event for June, right before the Anglican Communion’s Lambeth Conference:

He planned his civil union for June, he said, because he wanted to provide some legal protection to his partner and his children before he left for England for the conference. Bishop Robinson has received death threats, and he wore a bulletproof vest under his vestments at his consecration in 2003.

Robinson has not been invited to the conference, for his gay ways have caused quite a drama in the movement, but will set up shop in a market place adjacent to Lambeth HQ.

Robinson says he hopes that his presence will help dispel myths.

My hope is that even some of the more negative bishops will be encouraged by the American participants to come with them and to see that I don’t have horns, or I don’t wear a dress or I don’t fit any of the stereotypes that are often held by people who don’t really know gay people, and in fact will see how normal I am, and to hear about the incredibly normal life I have as a bishop in my diocese.

And flashing a wedding band won’t hurt, either.