Rosie Makes Hasselbeck Cry

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We kick ourselves for not watching The View more regularly. If we were more loyal viewers and had watched Wednesay, we would have seen Ms. Rosie O’Donnell taking some more well-placed jabs at cry-baby co-host, Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Things got a little heated when the younger, blonder, prettier Hasselbeck defended the Patriot Act, insisting President Bush and his political peers should have to power to tap phones. An ardent supporter of civil rights, O’Donnell fought back, saying: Elisabeth, you are very young and you are very wrong. O’Donnell also described Hasselbeck’s politics as abhorrent.

A sensitive girl, Hasselbeck apparently broke down off camera and some say she’s looking to leave. Page Six reports:

This wasn’t the first time the women have clashed on camera, but sources told us the insult was the last straw for Hasselbeck. “Her days there are numbered. She is looking to leave,” said the spy, who hinted that Hasselbeck was shopping for a permanent spot at E!

With an eye on the scandal, Rosie took to her blog to iron out the details:

i said some of elisabeths comments were ignorant
which was ignorant itself
2 try to teach not scold
encourage not injure

i love elisabeth
i hurt her feelings
i feel badly
she has forgiven me
i have not myself

Sounds like the Big R took it pretty hard. Hopefully they can work it all out. And when we say “work it out”, we mean come to blows on live television. One would think that a big lady like Rosie would win, but we have a feeling little Hasselbeck has some fight in her. It would be quite a battle. And certainly one we wouldn’t want to miss.

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  • ugh.

    why does her size always have to come up? yes, she’s fat. you know it, i know it, everyone knows it. what’s the matter, can’t come up with something other than a fat lezzie joke?

    move on!! rosie can’t sneeze without someone reporting on it!

  • Hephaestion

    Elizabeth Hasselbeck is possibly the most boring person I have even seen on a national television show. I can’t imagine how she got hired by “The View.” Why on earth would “E!” want to hire her?

  • Jay

    I love how Rosie just takes control. The View is my favorite lunchtime show and Joy’s comments make the rest of my day.

  • poodle

    elizabeth points of view come off of the talking points distributed by Fox News.

  • Stevie

    We are amused by Rosie’s rhyme-spittin website. And there’s something about dizzy lizzy that makes us wanna make her cry too.

  • kenneth

    How hard is it to make that nitwit cry, though?

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