Rough Kickboxing, Rough Sex


The closest we’ve ever gotten to kickboxing is throwing in a DVD of a Jean-Claude Van Damme B-movie and hitting the pause button each time we thought we caught a glimpse of his package underneath his baggy shorts.

The fact that the sport can get you a toned and ripped body like his wasn’t something we thought about much. We just liked to watch.

We’re now thinking of picking up the sport (it’s the perfect cardio workout) but we were only able to locate one gay owned and operated kickboxing gym and it just so happens to be in the UK.

One caveat in the gym’s description of the sport pretty much sums up how we handled a guy we dated in college whose bedroom antics were just a tad bit too rough for our tastes:

The focus is not to hit hard and ‘damage’ other members of the class – aggressive behaviour is not welcome in the school.

Yeah. Good advice.