Rudy Giuliani: I Can’t Win The GOP Nomination Because I’m Pro-Gay, Pro-Choice

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 9.50.10 AMSay what you will of Rudy Giuliani (and if you live in New York, you probably have a lot to say), the former GOP presidential hopeful is one of the few in his party to vocally support gay marriage and women’s reproductive rights.

And that’s why he doesn’t think he could ever pass the right-wing looney test required of candidates during presidential primary season.

During an interview on FOX News about violence in Baltimore (during which Giuliani essentially blames the crime rate on not enough racial profiling a la his beloved NYC “stop and frisk” policies — we won’t even go there), host Neil Cavuto asks why Giuliani doesn’t throw his hat into the 2016 race.

Here’s Giuliani’s response:

Because I believe I can’t get nominated because of my views on gay marriage, I’m in favor gay rights, I’m in favor of gay marriage. I see it as an issue of equality. I’m pro-choice. I’m anti-abortion personally but I’m pro choice. I’m pro-immigrant and I haven’t backed down from it.

Watch the clip below. The quoted section begins at the 8:05 mark: