Actor Recalls Cinema Sucks, Fucks

Rupie’s Walk Down Sex Memory Lane Lands Him In Hot Water

Rupert Everett’s big mouth gets him into trouble once again. A little over a week after trashing gay adoption, the handsome gay actor got a talking to after talking about some hot sexual encounters on BBC:

Speaking about his youth on BBC One’s Breakfast program, Everett recalled visiting provincial cinemas.

The 48-year-old gay star then continued to elaborate upon the kind of things that would take place between couples in the back row of the “dark and sexy” theatres.

Horrified hosts Suzanna Reid and Charlie Stayt swiftly steered Everett off the risqué topic, reminding the actor that the interview was going out at 9.09am.

9:09? Oh, Rupert, you should have known better – the international ethics codes clearly state that wank nostalgia has no place before 9:10am.

Meanwhile, if you readers want to see Everett have a bit of fun with leather and whips, check out a skit from Britain’s The Friday Night Project, after the jump…