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Rush Limbaugh’s Homophobic Explanation of Gays + Obama … Is True

Homophobe Rush Limbaugh has a terrible way of saying it, but his words ring true: President Obama is just too busy to get around to gay rights. There’s the economy and health care and all those other things demanding his attention. And while Limbaugh doesn’t mean well (at all) with his phrasing, he describes what we’ve been doing with Obama thus far: bending over and taking it from a man we voted for.

Says Limbaugh: “You [GLBTs] are just gonna have to do what the rest of us have been doing with this guy, and that’s bend over and grab the ankles. But don’t doubt him. You turn’s coming, so to speak. He’s one of you guys, he’s on your side, you’re just not a priority right now! Man up and deal with it like we’ve all had to man up and deal with this guy, it’s your turn to man up and deal with the guy. Stop whining!”

Either way, it landed Limbaugh on Keith Olbermann’s Worst Person of the World list:

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  • Glenn I

    He sounds like a lot of the commenters at the big orange DailyKos, frankly: Obama will get around to you gays eventually. Don’t worry! It’s not like he’s set himself any deadlines. Just suck it up for now, ‘kay?

    No kidding. It’s like Limbug has been cribbing from the big liberal blog. (Not Kos himself, but the “community” there.)

  • Hannah

    You’re kidding yourself if you think I’m going to voluntarily listen to anything that asshat has to say. I don’t care if he was coming out of the closet and offering to blow Obama, I refuse to give Limbaugh the time of day.

  • bobito

    Three things: 1)So Limbaugh actually said something that wasn’t totally false… well, you know, the blind hen sometimes can find the seeds on the ground, too.

    2)And who’s “the rest of us”, by the way, who have been bent over, grabbing their ankles and waiting for Obama to “get around to them”?

    3)The concept of Rush Limbaugh bent over and grabbing his ankles (as if he even COULD) and waiting for ANYBODY to get around to him is more than a little bit puke-making.

  • Seth

    Queerty and anyone who thinks we’re bending over and taking from Obama makes me want to vomit. Especially, because this involves validating this ass clown Limbaugh just because what he’s babling pertains to us and it sounds as if it’s semi-supportive of gays. When really this is patronizing, sensationalizing matters, and generally ridiculous.

  • dgz

    um, what’s a “bisexer,” Rush?

  • Prof. O. G. Whataschnozell

    This man is the poster child for american ignorance. He has no intellect what-so-ever which is why his following is so high.

    This outburst sounds more of an attempt to get gays to switch to the republican party from a distance.

  • Dabq

    He said the same thing about Obama that the editors and posters on this site say daily, other than his vile homophobic references, so, why the hoopla??? This site and its posters hate Obama as much as Limbeger the ex druggie and I’m sure that almost all the posters here agree with what he said about Obama and would only be ticked at the gay slurs.

  • Robert, NYC

    What can you expect from a college drop out and junkie? He’s no better than that other right wing college drop out, Sean Hannity.

  • PJ

    It always makes me ill when I have to agree with ignorant pigs like Limbaugh.

  • prissysissy

    Aah .. finally Queerty gives prominence to Queerty’s real hero – given the shrill tabloid-like blogging here recently, it makes sense that you will be listening to Limbaugh. Maybe you can give a daily synopsis of the Bloated One’s rantings in a regular post titled, “Words of Wisdom”.

  • Cam

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  • alejandro

    i cannot believe queerty has stooped to his level..
    wow. i actualy did not think it would ever get this far into the obama bashing. i guess i was wrong.

  • RichardR

    Love K.O.’s “Worst Person in the World” segments. And that whenever he’s dissing Limbaugh he has that bouncing video loop of the “big fat idiot” activated in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

  • galefan2004

    I LOVE Rush Limbaugh. Why do I live Rush Limbaugh? Because no other man has done more for the cause of moderate conservatives running away from the Republican party than this man (except for maybe Anne Coulter). I think we should elect a Limbaugh/Coulter ticket in 2012 so that we never have to face another Republican in office for the next 200 years.

  • galefan2004

    @bobito: I wouldn’t be surprised if Rush not only can but does bend over and grab his ankles. The only thing that surprises me about this man at this point is that he hasn’t had a male escort come out on his ass.

  • galefan2004

    @Prof. O. G. Whataschnozell: Please don’t consider 10,000,000 listeners out of 300,000,000 possible listeners “high” numbers. It is high for radio, but 1,000,000 is high for radio.

  • Geoff M

    @Hannah: Totally agree. I was glad there was a synopsis in print because no way in hell could I bring myself to listen let alone watch that pig.

  • Andrew

    That’s actually a good point. Even so, I don’t think I can use the word “love” with respect to him. Now…… Coulter, she’s a different story. That vixen.

    [well, ok, vixen in a sort of crack-whore sucking someone off for $5 in the alley behind her church bible-study meeting]

  • Ousslander

    @Robert, NYC: It’s great hearing from such snob about how people without a college education are so low in your opinion yet these dropouts are much more successful than you.

  • Seth

    @Ousslander: how do you measure success I wonder? Creating propaganda? Selling out? Growing to be the size of a massive tumor of hate and stupidity in society? Yeah, you’re right. They’re much more successful than us common folk.

  • Robert, NYC


    You know NOTHING about me to assume I’m not successful? In fact, I’ve been and continue to be extremely successful in my education and my life. I suppose right wingers like you count success by the amount of money one makes, typical republican mentality, but not surprising and how superficial. Why don’t you go treat yourself to a nice big cup of STFU.

  • Ousslander

    @Robert, NYC: i ‘m not the one being superficial and judging someone for lack of college degree. That woul be you’re wanna be elitist ass.
    I’m proud to fall to right on many issue. Yes i do partially judge success by the money made but for the most part byones happiness in their profession n life.

    So stop being a hypocrite who probably also looks down on those who don’t live in the gay ghetto. So relax yourself with some poppers n bead to the nearest bathhouse like its your typical sat night

  • Sandogg

    @alejandro: I guess its pretty hard to face that fact and admit that he pissed in your Kool-Aid, especially after you drank it, including seconds and thirds.

  • Robert, NYC


    Never set foot in a bathhouse in my entire life. They’re banned in NYC, obviously you have first hand experience of them, care to elucidate? Glad though that you agree that happiness is foremost in one’s life, money certainly can’t buy that unless you’re on the right of the political aisle. Now that to me is SUPERFICIALITY and you demonstrate that with abundance.

    Hypocrite???? Hardly….to digress…and to illustrate the just what hypocrisy means. I don’t use religious beliefs (am an avowed atheist) that I don’t live by while doing the opposite of what those beliefs require by voting against full equality as many in your party often do, John Ensign being the latest victim of his own bigotry and hypocrisy, a member of a right wing christian group called the Promise Keepers, obviously NOTHING to do with his own marriage. The same bigot and hypocrite who demanded the resignation of Larry Craig but applauded David Vitter’s dalliances with escort agencies, two more proponents with religious beliefs who also voted against marriage equality. Your party can’t even take ownership of the double standard yet promotes the right wing mantra that same-sex marriage threatens the institution of marriage, and you call me a hypocrite? Your party needs to look in the mirror a bit closer before throwing the first stone. Some democrats too!

  • Ousslander

    Just because i don’t like you looking down your nose at those with a college degree, you assume i’m a repub. There’s your first mistake. Have bee one in years. But let me guess you are still working on the democratic plantation like an abused wife who just can’t leave, thinking they willchange.
    Why i defend either vitters or ensign? I hope they reap what they sow. The dems r just as hypocritical but they are all poor who give away all they have to charity. They don’t make alarmist documentaries filled with fAlse hoods, preaching afaindt global warming theb fly arou d in private jetsand live i. Mansions consuming more power than entire counties

  • Robert, NYC


    “…you assume i’m a repub. There’s your first mistake. Have bee one in years.” Which is it, republican, civil libertarian or independent? When it boils down to it, there is not much difference between all three because when push comes to shove, they all vote for the conservative running for the highest office. One or two independents might vote the other way, but the other two? Uh uh!!

    First of all, I’m a Green and voted for Obama not because I really cared for his politics but to get rid of the regime he was campaigning against, the least of the two evils. I was under NO illusion about that.

    “Why i defend either vitters or ensign? I hope they reap what they sow. The dems r just as hypocritical but they are all poor who give away all they have to charity. They don’t make alarmist documentaries filled with fAlse hoods, preaching afaindt global warming theb fly arou d in private jetsand live i. Mansions consuming more power than entire counties”

    You hope Ensign and Vitters reap what they sow? So where is the republican and right wingers’ collective outrage? How come they’re not calling them on their double standard and hypocrisy, railing against marriage equality while doing the opposite of what they preach and vote on?

    Nobody doubts the duplicitous behavior of some dems and their equally abominable double standard and hypocrisy that is and always has been party neutral.

    You rail against the “alarmist” documentaries, falsehoods. Well….I tend to believe in good science and scientific facts rather than letting things remain as they are, things of which there is overwhelming evidence or proof, something that many conservatives reject because they believe that pollution of the environment and the air we breath is something that isn’t serious or should be taken that seriously, yet the overwhelming majority of the world’s top scientists believe otherwise. The U.S., China and India are three of the world’s worst polluters, a known scientific fact. Why do you think the U.S. refused to sign the Kyoto Treaty? Not because it didn’t think pollution was that serious but because it didn’t want to limit the profits of car makers, Americans buying cheap gasoline by world standards, airlines and other reliant industries using the world’s worst pollutant…OIL which is what the illegal war in Iraq is all about. Not one shred of intellectual curiosity about any of this emanating from the conservatives or any of their two sub-branches of which you’re a part.

  • Ousslander

    We did not sign the kyoto because it would have had a crippling affect on our economy. Of course global warming is real. I do not believe in it like gore whos film was deemed to have many inaccuracies by a british court.
    And the greens aren’t a wholly owned subsidiary od the dnc?

  • Robert, NYC


    NO, the Greens are VASTLY different on just about everything the DNC believes in. GO CHECK.

    The British court decision is only one that emerged in the UK and carries NO WEIGHT. The UK government is one of the signatories to the treaty along with another 182. Based on the court decision, the UK has NOT withdrawn its signature because it ruled that only 11 errors were moot but concluded that the Al Gore’s film should go ahead and be aired in schools because of its educational value acknowledging a very serious problem facing the planet. The conservatives are the opposite, they don’t consider it that serious. In their view, its just a case of the the planet regulating itself. Yep, pollution will regulate itself as this country becomes more dependent on oil while others go in a different direction.

  • dlpca

    Bah Limbaugh!…isn’t he retiring soon?

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