Russian Officials Target Lady Gaga, Consider Prosecution For “Promoting Sodomy”

Lady-Gaga-lady-gaga-20266622-1600-1039Now that Russian officials have made it abundantly clear what they think of homosexuals, they’re moving on to what they feel is the second most appalling race under the sun: the Little Monsters.

Lady Gaga responded today to allegations that Russian officials are considering prosecuting her for entering the country with a “wrong visa” last year. She is also being accused of “promoting sodomy, lesbianism, bisexuality and transgenderism among minors” during her shows in Moscow and St. Petersburg. It’s safe to say that Vladimir Putin will not be preordering Artpop on August 19.

Mother Monster thrice tweeted this morning, “sending bravery” to Russia’s gay community, calling for a revolution, and demanding an end to the government’s “archaic” abuse:

In other Gaga news, TMZ reports today that a judge has granted the artist’s request to seal court documents pertaining to a case between herself, former boyfriend Rob Fusari, and friend Wendy Starland. According to the judge, the documents in question contain information that could “seriously injure” Gaga, and should remain private.

So…. What is it?