Russia’s Most Prominent Gay Rights Activist Feared Kidnapped Or Crazy

nikolai-alekseev-moscow-300x210After some bizarre Facebook status updates over the weekend, some are starting to worry that Nikolai Alekseev — the most vocal gay rights activist in Russia — may have been kidnapped or that his account may have been hacked. Others, however, claim this behavior is classic Alekseev.

In a series of status updates, Alekseev claimed Russian gays were seeking “fake asylum” in Canada and the U.S., charged two of his American Facebook friends as pedophiles, and announced his hatred for the West. This led some to believe Alekseev’s account had been hacked — his Facebook page is no longer available — or that he may have been kidnapped or detained by the government.

So So Gay reports:

Perhaps most unnerving of all, earlier today, a series of photographs were posted to Alekseev’s account under the title ‘Kidnapping’. In the album were three images of Alekseev in a bunker-like location dressed only in his underwear. A subsequent status update made reference to a ‘porno contract’. […]

Earlier this week, Alekseev was summoned before a committee to answer charges of libelling two politicians who had played a central role in the introduction of an ‘anti-gay propaganda’ law. The timing of the erratic updates has led some to speculate that Alekseev was, in fact, detained following the hearing and that his account is being updated by his opponents in an attempt to undermine him.

However, blogger and activist Melanie Nathan, along with other activists, claim this behavior is typical for Alekseev and that he may have just fallen off of his rocker. According to Nathan:

He has been (allegedly) kidnapped in the past, even though many were suspicious that he made it all up. That his so called disappearance was a vacation with a wealthy boyfriend abroad.[…] I consulted with many fellow activists before putting up this post and said I was willing to be wrong and to take the risk. All who had encountered him in the past, said it is time to bring this back story into the open. ” It is time to dethrone the GAY PUTIN,” said one. Those who encountered Alekseev in the U.S. said an unhinged Alekseev is a typical Alekseev, and it is not a hack or kidnap.

Nikolai Alekseev’s erratic behavior and speculation as to his whereabouts and safety adds another layer in the unfolding drama surrounding Russia’s LGBT community. Their plight has come to global attention thanks to Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law and its potential effects on gay athletes and spectators at the Winter Olympics in Sochi next year. Queerty will continue to report on Alekseev’s status as more information becomes available.

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  • Ben

    It looks like his Facebook account was hacked and something else also occurred. He may be in danger.

  • balehead

    Now that the athletes are getting the media coverage for LGBT rights..it makes sense he would go all drama queen for attention…

  • startenout

    I would rather err on the side of caution no matter what his previous scandals since gay abuse and kidnappings seem to have become normal sport for the people of Russia.

  • Icebloo

    This guy is obviously in real danger. The tactic of smearing someone’s reputation to cover up an abduction has been used many times by corrupt governments over the years. They always accuse these people of being crazy – it is the easiest way to get people to forget about the story.

    We need some human rights charities and some governments to confront Russia and ask where this guy is. We need to get him out of there and take him somewhere where he can get asylum.

    Evil Putin. Evil Russia.

  • AndrewIB

    And so it begins..Russia is not a country to start rocking the boat in.

  • Alexspade93

    Yes, this behavior is classic for Alekseev. Everybody in LGBT-community in Russia knows it. Alekseev is not very popular among Russian gay community, it’s USA media made him a star. He’s provocateur. Real work for the benefit of the Russian gay community are engaged in other activists who are not energetically promoting themselves in the foreign newspapers.

  • ludwig9

    Remember, that this is the person that all of the gay blogs have been quoting and taking verbatim as the official voice of gay Russian activism. He has been extremely hostile to any and all efforts by the West to help with the situation, including the boycott of the Olympics in Sochi. Please, gay “journalists”, do your homework before printing claims from self-appointed leaders.

  • Freddyeddy

    Ask Alekseev to do this when you find him. Since we can’t wear a rainbow, let’s change the Gay rights rainbow symbol to a red square symbol in memorial of the Russian’s religious fanatic Olympic opression of Gay people, just temporarily. That’ll show ’em.

  • Gigi Gee

    Russia’s Most Prominent Gay Rights Activist Feared Kidnapped Or Crazy

    Who writes the headings? They’re crazy!!

  • Cam

    Same tactics the old Soviet Union used to use. They would just claim that any dissidents were insane, dope them up and lock them away.

  • MK Ultra

    I believe he’s in danger. Kidnapping, torture, and murder are rather common in Russia now as once before.

  • mezzacanadese

    I thought that some of Nikolai’s recent comments were bizarre. He talked trash about the United States and said he was getting rid of any Facebook fri9ends who did not back him up. Either he’s gone bonkers or his account has been hacked. I wouldn’t blame him for going over the edge after all he’s been through.

  • mezzacanadese

    I should have previewed my comment. I meant friends.

  • Teleny

    @Cam: unfortunately, the Tsars were doing all of that long before Stalin was born. On the other hand the US was pretty bad until just recently and it’s still pretty rough for Tranz people. I pray that in the very near future humans stop acting with petty bigotries and hate in their hearts. It’s time for a world of acceptance and equality.

  • Derek Williams

    Tyranny of the Majority is not the same as Democracy.

    Russia has outlawed a practice that didn’t exist, so as to make people believe it did exist. How many homosexuals were sexualising children? In the West, if a teacher tried to sexualise a child, whether gay or straight, they would be sacked on the spot.

    The Duma acted on stereotypes with no scientific evidence or sociological research to back them up. They clicked their heels to Putin, whose primary motivation was to garner the religious vote of the Russian Orthodox Church, whose priests are joining in the violent and genocidally motivated anti-gay pogroms springing up around Russia. The ROC believe that homosexuality can be rubbed out of existence with this law, failing to understand that our parents are all heterosexuals, and they will keep on having gay children like me till their kingdom comes, or their hell freezes over.

    This law is a licence to kill homosexuals, and the police look the other way. A 15 year old gay boy was tortured to death (‘for the protection of children’), his head bashed in with rocks, his body urinated on, and the whole murder uploaded to social media with his attackers in proud full faced view. Another young man was “correctively raped” with beer bottles until he bled to death. Police know that the Russian public and the ROC support these crimes so they instead arrest the gay victims (if they survive) and lock them up for ‘extremism’ and ‘homosexual propaganda’.

    The Putin reign of terror has been esclating throughout his presidency, including a 200,000 genocide in Chechnya, manipulating his people into believing he is taking Russia back to its former greatness as head of the once mighty USSR. LGBT activist groups are generally well resourced with highly intelligent and morally motivated people at their head, the very people Putin wants to eliminate. Intellectuals are the enemy of the resurgent former KGB just as they were to Stalin who murdered millions of his own people to maintain power.

    If Russia continues to turn inwards and condone assault and murder of its own LGBT minorities, the Jews will be next, and then all remnants of freedom will be gone.

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