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Ryan Murphy finally addresses backlash from ‘Dahmer’: “I disagree with it personally”

Evan Peters as Jeffret Dahmer (Photo: Netflix)

My mission statement has been to talk about those stories and those characters and unearth buried history.

Many people in the community want to uplift, I understand that. [Dahmer is] about homophobia. I have a saying: ‘My job as an artist is to hold up a mirror about what happened.’

It’s ugly. It’s not pretty. Do you want to look at it? If you do, watch it. If you don’t, look away, and sometimes, some of this outrage is directed at the frame of the mirror instead of the reflection.

I try and say, I really understand why you’re upset about the inclusion of that. I understand it, but I also disagree with it personally.

Ryan Murphy speaking to Variety about “Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” and the backlash Netflix received for listing it under the LGBTQ tag.
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