Ryan Seacrest Convinces Nick Jonas To Manscape By Playing Ball With His Crotch

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 2.08.04 PM“I made it through [Nick Jonas’] crotch,” says Ryan Seacrest. “Come again?” says us.

“It’s crotch ball,” says Ryan Seacrest. “Come again?” says us.

You know, crotch ball. The game where the guest (in this case Nick Jonas) straps a hoop to his crotch and Ryan Seacrest tries to throw a ball through it. If he makes it, Nick is off scot-free, but if he misses, he has to complete a dare.

It’s like what we’d do at a sleepover when we were twelve if we were somehow lamer than we already were back then. Which would have been hard to pull off, and that’s saying something.

The first two balls make it in, but the third one misses and Nick has to — drum roll — shave his chest. You know, because he just said he doesn’t do that.

It ends up being a less-than-satisfying shave. A technicality, really.

Still, Ryan Seacrest really loves fueling those gay rumors.

“Nick Jonas shaving his chest. I thought this was just something I dream about. I like it smooth, bro,” says Ryan Seacrest. “Come again?” says us.

Watch the whole stunt here: