Sally Kern Opposes Gay Discrimination!?

Old dogs can learn new tricks. Infamously anti-gay lawmaker Sally Kern today with the folks at PFLAG and they apparently made her realize that we gays aren’t terrorist demon spawns. Via PageOneQ:

Oklahoma House Rep. Sally Kern has taken a stand opposing discrimination against gays in the workplace. The embattled lawmaker is also considering another meeting with more PFLAG parents at their local chapter…

Prior to today’s meeting, Rep. Kern expressed that she saw the “gay agenda” as a bigger threat to the United States than international terrorism, and used an analogy suggesting that such an agenda needed to be caught early and treated like one would treat cancer.

This is incredible, especially considering Kern defended herself just last weekend. It’s worth noting that Kern did not apologize, according to a PFLAG press release, which we’ve included after the jump.

It should be interesting to hear what Kern has to say to the anti-gay kids of University of Central Oklahoma’s College Republicans. Someone bring a tape recorder.


Oklahoma City PFLAG Supporters Meet with Sally Kern
Lawmaker Agrees Gays Should Not Be Fired Because of Sexual Orientation

Oklahoma City, OK – Members and allies of the Oklahoma City Chapter of Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) met earlier today with Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern to express concern about her recent comments comparing the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community to a “cancer” that “is just destroying this nation.” Kern also referred to GLBT Americans as “the biggest threat our nation has, even more so than terrorism.”

Rev. Loyce Newton-Edwards, president of the Oklahoma City PFLAG chapter, was joined in the meeting by Rev. Dr. Kathy McCallie, pastor of the Church of the Open Arms and Rev. Jim Shields, a retired United Methodist Church minister from Kern’s district. The group requested a meeting with Kern following a March 18 rally at the state capitol. In her meeting with PFLAG supporters today, Kern said that “I agree with” the idea that gay and lesbian Americans should not be fired from their jobs because of their sexual orientation.

“We appreciate Representative Kern taking the time to meet with us and consider an important, ongoing dialogue about our families and loved ones,” said Rev. Newton-Edwards. “Representative Kern expressed a commendable desire to consider every family, every Oklahoman and every constituent. Today, she took an important first step forward that, we hope, will be the beginning of many conversations with our families and our community.”

Kern did not express an apology during today’s meeting, nor did she back away from any of her earlier comments. The meeting was, however, her first with a group working within the GLBT and allied communities. Newton-Edwards, McCallie and Shields all shared their own stories about why Kern’s comments were personally hurtful, and asked the lawmaker to remember their loved ones when speaking out, and casting votes, in the future. Newton-Edwards also invited Kern to attend an upcoming PFLAG meeting, and Kern said she would consider the request.

“As Representative Kern begins to listen to voices from across her district, and the state, she will hear the stories of hard-working, patriotic men and women who make our communities better, our nation safer and our families stronger,” said Jody M. Huckaby, executive director of PFLAG. “We appreciate this initial meeting, and PFLAG stands ready to be a resource to Kern and a champion for her constituents. We look forward to continuing today’s conversation and working with Kern to move equality forward. Bringing communities together, rather than dividing the public with inflammatory words, should be a top priority of every elected leader. Kern will always find open arms and welcoming families at PFLAG.”

According to The Williams Institute at the University of California-Los Angeles, Oklahoma is home to more than 89,500 GLBT citizens; nearly 10,000 lesbian and gay military veterans; and approximately 4,000 children are living in loving homes headed by same-sex couples. According to the Institute, Representative Kern’s district is home to more GLBT Oklahomans than any other district in the state.

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  • ajax

    So? Big deal. I think PFLAG is fabulous, but I also think Sally Kern is an stupid hate-filled cancer. PFLAG is really good at education, and education helps ignorant people. Kern is willfully stupid. There’s a big difference between ignorant and stupid. Thanks for all the good work you do, PFLAG. Thanks for talking with Sally Kern, but I don’t see this press release as a good thing. It make it looks like Kern is entertaining moderation of her bigotry. There’s about as much hope that Kern will change her viewpoint as there is that the Pope will change his.

  • Kevin Foster

    If her vote won’t make any difference in deciding the bill one way or another, then it is little more than a hollow gesture designed to get us off of her back. We will have to wait and see. If it is a close vote, then she gets the credit.

  • chadnnocal

    I am pleased that foul mouthed Sally found her way to take a stand opposing discrimination against gays in the workplace. The fact remains that she must be held accountable for her hate-filled speech. I think a public apology and resignation is in order.

  • oakling

    This is such a weird thing. It sounds more like a grudging agreement on one smaller point, and I don’t see how she can simultaneously say she is sticking with the “cancer that must be gouged out” argument and the new “but they can keep their jobs” thing.

  • Steve

    We all know, or should know, that politicians do not always tell the truth. Most politicians will say whatever they think you want to hear, unless they are speaking in a public place and are likely to be quoted. The public speeches are carefully crafted to gain the greatest number of votes. So, in the end, we can never know what they really believe. We can only know what they actually do in office by their voting and bill-sponsoring record.

    When a politician has a long record of staunchly opposing any particular group or policy, both in speech and in votes, and then has a sudden reversal in a private meeting, it seems pretty obvious that the reversal is a lie.

    If she starts sponsoring bills and voting in alignment with recommendations from the Human Rights Campaign, and continues for a year or more, then I might begin to believe her. I think that is extremely unlikely, because her right-wing Christian contributors will come calling at the first hint of any such bill or vote.

    I take this report as a confirmation that she has no integrity.

  • Mike

    Sally Kern is a CUNT

  • Roger

    I have always greatly appreciated the constant work that PFLAG has done for families and friends of gay people. I admire them making the effort to speak with Ms. Kern to show her that we are just regular people trying to make a difference in our community.
    My problem with Ms. Kern is that she paints herself as a great Christian and being able to “hate the sin but love the sinner”. She equates the homosexual act to be a grevious sin inasmuch as rape, incest, and adultry are sins. Then she says she’ll support a law to not fire gays from their job based on their sexual orientation. Also, she says she has no problem working with or hiring a gay person. Would she support laws to assure employment rights to rapist and adulterers? Would she have a problem with a rapist being on her staff or a man or woman who committed the act of incest or adultery?
    We are always accused that seeking equal rights for gays would just lead to everyone wanting equal rights for other “deviant” relationships. Shouldn’t Ms. Kern’s feet be held to the same fire?

  • jimmy palmieri

    jimmy palmieri Says:

    March 29th, 2008 at 12:39 am
    It has always been my thought that a persons original remarks are what they fundamentally believe. Pandering to a politician who clearly has hired a “spin doctor” in order to keep her elected seat makes me infuriated. Is this a step in the right direction? I only see it as being one if her power as an elected official, actually helps the LGBT community politically. What I really think would be a step in the right direction is to not re-elect her again. Politicians, as public servants, must learn that they are here to help all constituents. When they, as elected leaders perpetuate the hate that has caused violence, isolation, murder and the destruction of families through their publicly spoken words, they no longer deserve the seat of honor they have been so fortunate to have been elected to.
    Sally Kern, if nothing else understands “spin.” Let’s hope she now understands that she cannot make hateful remarks, without having to answer for them.

    Jimmy Palmieri
    Co-chair West Hollywood Lesbian and Gay Advisory Board
    founder of The Tweakers Project

  • James Nimmo

    Sally’s Kern Konservative Korps Targets Public School Employees


    First things first. If you don’t know who Rep. Sally Kern is or if you need a reminder, go here:

    Complete audio and transcript, not just the Victory Fund clip, here:

    Now, you’re up to date.

    The letter posted below appears in the March 26 edition of a weekly paper in Oklahoma City named the Oklahoma Gazette (
    The paper does not post its letters at the website.

    Joe Quigley was described in all details but name by Rep. Kern in her original taped tirade that was revealed by the Victory Fund Youtube posting earlier in March.

    It seems Rep. Kern takes the approach that if we ourselves aren’t ashamed of being gay, (choosing that “lifestyle” to use her language) then why should any of us be alarmed by her calling us “out”, so to speak.

    She fails to understand that just as rumors of the gay “lifestyle” circulating about the Kern family caused her and her family distress, so can that same strategy cause distress among those gay people who have chosen to keep their orientation private.

    Most recently, Rep. Kern chose to out another public school employee, again described in all details but name, just as Kern did with Mr. Quigley.
    This was done in a local TV news program called Flashpoint which you can view here:
    Choose the segments for March 23.

    When Kern needs to backpedal and appear soft and cuddly she trots out the old bigot’s defense of “Some of my best friends are____.” Then you fill in the blank with the minority being targeted.

    Rep Kern thinks other people’s private lives can be made an open book when it serves her self-righteous purposes. It’s time she was made aware that such self-centered actions are not considered polite in decent society. Just where did she learn her manners?

    You can tell her yourself at this address:

    Whether you use email, postal mail, or telephone, keep it legal and decent. We don’t need to give the Kern Konservative Korps any ammunition to use against us.

    Remember, we GLBTs ARE legal; it’s her kind that are still in the 19th century.

    Here is the original letter sent to the OK Gazette by Joe Quigley, who Kern has selected as her scapegoat, whipping boy, verbal target, sponge for her anxiety, etc. You get the drift.

    Jim Nimmo


    Dear Editor,

    Having read the complete transcript of Rep. Sally Kern’s now infamous speech to the Republican Club, I found she has decided to use me as her unwitting and unwilling example of the dangers of Gay teachers in public schools.

    She stated, “Now I’m not a gay basher, okay. When I taught school three doors down from me was one of the most obnoxious gay people that you can mention. If I named him you probably have seen him. He writes in the paper all the time and everything. But you know, he has the right to practice that life-style if he chooses but he does not have the right to indoctrinate his classes. You know, that’s not what education is about.”

    However on April 21, 2005 , when she was attempting to have “Homosexually themed” books isolated in the Metro Library System, she said the following, “I taught down the hall from my colleague, Joe Quigley, sitting right over there. I often heard him teach and I think he is an excellent teacher. It is just his life-style I do not find acceptable.”

    It would appear Rep. Kern plays fast and loose with the truth as it serves her purposes. One of these statements has to be untrue as they are contradictory. She changed her characterization of me as she saw fit. In the latter case she needed to appear open minded to a public crowd, in the former she needed to appeal to a smaller, less public audience.

    While claiming the higher ground and a mission from God, she has found it necessary to lie at least once to get her way. This lying is pitiful from a person claiming she is doing the Lord’s work. It should bring into question many, if not most or even all, of her claims of righteousness and her being a teller of the truth.

    Further, her claims about my “lifestyle” are totally fabricated as she and I were not friends socially, and other than my advocacy for Gay students to protect them from bullying and harassment while at school, and what letters to editors she may have read, she has no knowledge of my life outside of school. She painted me as a monster for the sake of frightening an audience who had no idea that as they trusted her, she was lying to them.

    Joseph Quigley

  • Aiden Ashlie

    it hurts me, as a gay icon, to see that even in the 21st century and in the 2000’s people are still being hated for their color, creed, religion, race, gender, and ultimatley orientaion. I thought America would be different, i guess i was wrong. We are a hate filled nation against one another. U are all bigots. And that is with no respect to a hate filled politian. srry. but hear me out. and help.

  • SteveMD2

    “Sally Kern got applause by the republican party”

    Of course – they are the most hate filled people in this nation, indebted to the christian right who totally defame the meaning of God and Jesus life on earth. Just as their forebears gave us slavery and segregation, she and her kind who infest that party have to have someone else now to hate- that is exactly what it is – hate, to gain political power.

    I remember Bush talking about the Axis of Evil. What most of didn’t know was that one of the bolts of that Axis of evil is the right wing extremists who control the republcian party. The battle against religious terrorism begins at home.

    Yes, 9/11 was a terrible event. But so are the 3000 more children every year who committ suicide because they are gay and treated like pariahs in our society. And let alone the suffering and machoism based murders of gays, and the kids kicked out of their family, in the name of God.

    Tonite, as an aside, we went to a musical at our local high school. And I noticed several kids who are obviously gay – I’ve spent hours walking the streets of Baltimore with a couple gay friends, getting lessons. And the thing that impressed me was that these gay kids had friends, both same and opposite sex. I don’t know what their overall life is like, but in school in this wealthy conservative community, they appear to be doing well.

    As for Sally, I’ll believe it when she supports removing all legal discrimination against gay people, making them a protected class. Employment, public accomodations etc. But with a husband who is a Baptist minister – usually the right wing of the right wing – the descendants of who gave us slavery and segregation, I have my doubts.

  • Randy

    Sally Kern is nothing more than an ignorant, stupid, hairy vinegary puss filled cunt!

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