Sarah Silverman’s Down With AIDS

Is Sarah Silverman back up to her old, offensively funny tricks? The comedienne allegedly composed and dedicated some tunes for World AIDS Day, the international celebration of the ugly plague. Here’s a sample:

I’m not black
I’m not gay
And Africa is so far away
But what’s one more December holiday?
Happy AIDS Day anyway

Totally sick, totally demented and totally something Sarah Silverman would – thankfully! – sing.

There is, however some debate over whether this insensitive insanity actually came from Silverman. Copyranter‘s source claimed that Silverman penned this jam for her Gap (Red) Campaign, which raises AIDS awareness. That’s fishy, because obviously the Gap would never in a jillion billion years play this song. The incongruity of the story, however, doesn’t necessarily mean Silverman didn’t write it. And if she did not pen this piece of brilliance, we’d love to meet the man or women who did, because they deserve a prize – we’ve yet to decide what exactly, maybe AIDS?