“Scally Lads” Like To Have Sex In Stinky Socks And Sweaty Track Suits

A new fetish is taking over Britain’s gay scene. “Scally Lads” are the hottest thing since boot-licking skinheads or double-fisting leather daddies.

“Gay fetish always marries itself with the street culture of the generation that came before it,” Phil Hamill, founder of Trackies.com and the internet’s largest gay fetish network, Recon, explains to Vice in an interview. “You have these younger gay kids watching these cultures develop around them in their formative years. As they become older they start to wear the gear, sexualizing it and it becomes a fetish.”

The word “scally” is a slang term from the U.K. used to describe young people from working class backgrounds. The guidelines for being a Scally Lad are very specific: straight-acting, blue collar, under 40, and into wearing tracksuits, white socks and hats.

“It’s a lot like drag, but at the other end of the spectrum,” Scally Lad Phil Hamill tells Vice. “A lot of guys in this scene have normal jobs, like working in an office or a bar — they’re not selling drugs from a council flat — so it’s a form of release. It’s roleplay, pretending to be something different to what you are.”

Scally Lads like doing really filthy things, like smelling one another’s sweaty gym socks or jizzing into each other’s stinky sneakers. And they have no reservations when it comes to getting it on in dark alleys or public restrooms.

Hamill continues: “You’ll never have sex in a bed. That’s so normal; it’s the missionary position, vanilla. I like to meet up with a guy in a pub, have a few pints, and then go fuck in the toilets. I know some guys who won’t have sex at all—they’ll just wank off together because they think it’s how straight lads would do it.”

Much like the handkerchief code of the ’70s and ’80s, Scally Lads have their own method of communication. Track suit bottoms tucked into white sweat socks is the universal sign for a chap looking to engage in some nasty behavior.

The fetish has become so popular that there are now entire NSFW websites devoted it, including UKScallyLads.comSketBoy.com, and SneakerSex.net.

So what do you think? Could you see yourself hooking up with a Scally Lad?

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  • Kenover

    As usual, Queerty is a little late to the party. The Scally Lads thing has been going on for at least 15 years in the UK…maybe longer. It’s not exactly news. What’s your next news flash….John Travolta Gay?

  • mikeysexc

    Yea some of the dirtyness is hot but for porn alot of these guys look alot trashier then the acts they perform… maybe that’s the point idk im more of a twinky athletic type of attraction if the models were cuter it perhaps wouldnt have taken 15 years as kenover above me points out for queerty to have fiscussed it.

    I do have to say kenover wad a little fuckin rude too no offense.. like why be a twat?

  • mikeysexc


  • redcarpet

    Uhm, this is not new. There’s a bunch of porn sites that have catered to this for years. Triga studios does a lot of it, and I think there is a website called Scallylads or something.

    I remember seeing this stuff 10 years ago.

  • jackpapa

    I’m a real sniff pig. Jockstraps, socks and feet, pits, unwashed man stink … Thanks for the suggested websites

  • Vidontag

    Common enough here in Berlin. Homonormativity aping heteronormativity, with a bit of class tourism thrown in for good measure, but whatever floats your boat.

  • Kangol

    Not new, goes back to the late 1990s, linked to “chav” culture, etc. Lots of videos featuring this stuff from UK (Hot British Lads, Triga), France (sketboy, crunchboy), etc. A day late and a dollar short on this one, Queerty.

  • barkomatic

    I’m on board with some fetish stuff but the guy has to be showered. I’m into clean.

  • Mr. E. Jones

    Track suit bottoms tucked into white sweat socks is the universal sign for a chap looking to engage in some nasty behavior.

    Ha! On a recent episode of Coronation Street, a punk tried to mug an old lady, and when the victims were describing him, they mentioned the trackie bottoms in the socks, and no one could figure out why kids were doing that.

  • BrokebackBob

    There is nothing less sexy than anything stinky and decaying. Done, done, and done. Next please?

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