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Schenectady Cop Connected To Teen Sex Parties, Forgery And Gay Adult Film Industry


Where to even start with this one.

Sgt. Jonathan E. Moore, a 35-year-old Schenectady police sergeant, is in a bit of a fix after admitting he made some adult films with his live-in boyfriend.

But that’s just the tip of an unusually long and slippery iceberg: The department is also investigating the couple’s highly suspicious business dealings, particularly an alleged attempt to buy a sports car with a counterfeit check.

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While at a Colonie auto dealership with his boyfriend, 27-year-old Anthony Aubin, Moore was arrested on felony charged for trying to use a bad check to buy a $92,000 2016 Jaguar coupe, as reported by Times Union.

Aubin has a prolific criminal record and was recently on parole.

Now, a multi-agency police investigation is looking into reports that police officers may have hosted or taken part in “breeding parties” attended by teens who were not of legal age to drink or to have consensual sex.

“I’m not really in a position to say anything about it at this point,” Albany police chief Brendan Cox told Times Union.

“There is a case we are looking into but we are not in a position to even gauge whether or not there is any truth to what has been alleged.”

Moore confessed to regularly using a police computer to check Aubin’s parole status.

He also claimed to have “debt issues,” so Aubin promised to “help me get out of debt” by producing “gay porn” films for a Florida company called Bear Films.

This is where things somehow get even more peculiar.

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“I researched them and they are a legitimate company,” Moore said. “Anthony accepted a contract with Bear Films and I ultimately took a job with them as well…”

Alas, the Bear Films deal fell apart, so the men allegedly began working with another adult film company, FratX, who produce ungodly “frat gang rape” videos in grubby dorm rooms.

Allegedly, the company — FratX — was going to wire “salaries” to Aubin and Moore into an SEFCU bank account, but reportedly their agent — their agent — said the transaction warranted a “suspicious activities” report and thus the money was held up at the bank.

Moore claimed the amount owed was roughly $400,000.

So, with the confidence that their $400,000 check from Frat X would be cleared soon enough, Moore says he and Aubin immediately ran out and planned to buy a new house and new car. Like most people do when they receive their first six-figure paycheck from a frat boy adult film studio.

“Anthony and I went to Capitol Luxury Cars on New Karner Road and I test drove a Jaguar,” he says, “and a Range Rover Sport that Anthony was going to buy.”

Moore also states that a “representative” from PornX even came to Albany — we’re imagining in a long black chauffeured Lincoln Towncar. This powerful and influential “representative” from FratX reportedly visited the dealership, and promised to buy the Jag for Anthony.

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But. But Moore said the bank wire transfer from this shadowy adult-film rep never went through, so they had to have their “female agent” (?) issue two checks: one for $90,000 (for the Jag) and one for $80,000 (for the Range Rover.)

He insists he has emails from this mysterious female adult-film representative who allegedly makes a habit out of writing checks for tens of thousands of dollars.

So, anyway.

On October 12, the Jag that was scheduled to be delivered to his home never showed up.

Moore says this chic and mysterious lady adult-film rep — whose name, naturally, is allegedly Sandra — told him Capitol Luxury Cars had sent her a cease-and-desist letter that stated they wouldn’t do business with any of them.

The dealership had apparently researched Aubin and learned that he’d stolen expensive cars in the past, including once in Rhode Island, where he was arrested for stealing a Range Rover.

Apparently he took the Range Rover on a test drive, and the test never ended.

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Around this time, Colonie police began monitoring the situation as Aubin and Moore continued trying to buy the Jaguar.

A sales manager claims Aubin brought a 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee to the dealership and offered a trade.

“We offered him $30,000 for his Jeep and he immediately agreed,” she told police in a statement. “It seemed like he was too amenable to that offer; usually people will negotiate a bit more.”

Anyway, the incessant wheeling and dealing culminated in Aubin texting the sale manager a photo of a Bank of America check made out to the dealership for $92,083.

“It didn’t seem right,” Older says. “I contacted Bank of America and they verified that the check was fraudulent and that the account number did not exist.”

Aubin was arrested shortly thereafter.

He’s also accused of using a $15,000 counterfeit check to purchase the 2016 white Jeep Grand Cherokee that was part of the trade.

In his statement, Moore insists he didn’t know any of these checks were fraudulent:

“At no time did Anthony tell me that the checks issued to me from (our agent) Sandra were fraudulent or that the business transactions were illegal in any shape or form. I even ran the routing number on one of the checks she issued us and it returned to Bank of America. As far as I knew, the transactions for the vehicles were legitimate.”

Right now, Aubin is languishing in Albany County Jail without bail. Currently he’s charged with two counts of criminal position of “a forged instrument,” both felonies.

Sandra, if you happen to be reading this, call us.